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We described the concepts and the implementation of a Globus-based GridRPC system Ninf-G. Thanks to the Globus Toolkit, Ninf-G now provides a secure and interoperable GridRPC framework, compared to its predecessor. Modular design of the Globus Toolkit
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This formula would take a date like January 15th, 2007, and return a date like February 15th, 2007. When you start with a date like January 31st, the formula would return a date in the beginning of March. From a chronological perspective, this is correct, but it opens a can of worms for things such as monthly invoicing. A revision to this formula that addresses this issue is as follows:
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Notice the use of the content property. This property assigns the actual value to content-generating elements such as :before and :after. In this case, quote marks are assigned as the content to add before and after elements with a quote class. The following code and Figure 26-4 illustrate how a user agent that supports these classes generates content from the :before and :after pseudo-elements:
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8 Tables and Frames 9 Forms, User Input, and the Common Gateway Interface 10 Advanced Form Design 12 11
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Herbivorous animal host with large stomach compartment known as the rumen. The animal is unable to digest cellulose and many other plant polysaccharides Herbivorous animal host whose intestinal tract features extended hindgut compartments (blind sacs, ceca ) Microbial community of anaerobic bacteria and protozoa
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3. Ctrl+click or right-click the song and choose Show Package Contents. Mac OS X opens a
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8 Working with Records
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Table 32-1: Dreamweaver Shortcut Modifier Keys
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It s a Matter of Time
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Bending the Dock to Your Will
Part I
a:active: Customizes the style of a link when it is selected by the user
MS-D LMU-D GPS Real-time data transfer Modem gateway
Figure 1-6: A cross-join on two tables, one with four rows and one with three rows, results in a new table that has twelve rows and all columns from both tables.
With WordPress 2.0, entering categories is a lot more like entering tags than in previous versions. In the past, categories needed to be painstakingly created one at a time and selected with a list of check boxes. With the newest versions, however, categories can be supplied as a comma-separated list (see Figure 9-14), which makes things almost as easy as tags. Entering the name of a new category here will cause it to be automatically created in the database, once the entry has been posted. So, while there has been a handful of tagging plug-ins made available for WordPress, this revised implementation of the built-in categories is worth sticking with for use here.
11.3.1 Coverage Ef ciency
We have seen that the 01 synchronizer takes 0(1)time but has high message complexity O ( E ) ,and the p synchronizer has low message complexity O(N ) but, requires O ( N )time per pulse. We now describe the synchronizer which is a generalization of both n and synchronizers. It takes a parameter k such that when k is N - 1, it reduces to the Q synchronizer arid when k is 2, it reduces t o the p synchronizer. The synchronizer is based on clustering. In the initialization phase, the network is divided into clusters. Within each cluster the algorithm is similar to the /3 synchronizer and between clusters it is similar t o the Q synchronizer. Thus each cluster has a cluster spanning tree. The root of the cluster spanning tree is called the cluster leader. We say that t,wo clusters are neighboring if there is an edge connect,ing t,hem. For any two neightioring clust,ers, we designate one of the edges as the preferred edge. The algorithm works as follows. There are two phases in each pulse. In both phases, the messages first, travel upward in the cluster tree and then travel downward. The goal of the first phase is to determine when the cluster is safe arid inform all clust,er nodes when it is so. In this phase, subtree messages first propagate up the clust,er tree. When the root of the cluster gets messages from all its children and it is safe itself, it propagates the cluster message down the cluster tree. This phase corresponds t o the , synchronizer running on the cluster. We also require B
The code in Listing 30.2 is available in the Web site files in the chapter30 project as ChangeLocaleAtRuntime.mxml. n
8: Involved Data Analysis
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