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Part II Web Design and Layout Fundamentals
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11 Working with Strings
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Caution Changing modes in Dreamweaver requires you to restart the program for the new mode to take effect. Also, changing back and forth between modes removes any prior panel settings, so switch modes with care. The MDI workspace is not available on the Mac.
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You must be working with a Flex project that s connected to a ColdFusion server, and the server s root folder and URL must be defined. RDS (Remote Development Service) must be enabled in the ColdFusion server.
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The following information is available for housing units:
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Rearranging background music clips 133 Using only the audio from a video clip Adding Sound Effects Narrating with Voiceover Managing Multi-track Audio Levels Setting the volume of the background music Setting each track to play at the level you want Applying ducking to make one track stand out Creating a Soundtrack with GarageBand Learning the GarageBand 09 Interface 139 From iMovie to GarageBand Creating a score in GarageBand Setting the volume for the Movie Sound track Adding loops to a track Recording an instrument Muting and soloing tracks 143 144 144 145 146 148 134 135 135 137 137 138 138 139 Understanding How iMovie Handles Your Video Footage Sorting Your Footage among iMovie Events Creating a new Event Moving a clip from one Event to another 158 Merging iMovie Events Splitting iMovie Events Sorting and grouping Events Viewing Events by month or day Viewing Events and folders by drives 158 159 159 159 160
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Working with Formulas and Functions
16: Managing Application Navigation
Part IV Putting FileMaker Pro to Work
Extending Flash and PHP
The latest versions of both primary browsers support the CSS Background attributes shown in Figure 7-12 and listed in Table 7-2.
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