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Figure 9.7. D0 as a function of the synchronisation error
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If you enter a value greater than 24 as the first argument for the TIME function, the result may not be what you expect. Logically, a formula such as the one that follows should produce a date/time serial number of 1.041667 (that is, one day and one hour).
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Part I Exploring
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<fx:Definition name= CurvedArrow > <s:Path.../> </fx:Definition>
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Be sure that you change the document colors space to RGB (File Document Color Mode RGB Color); otherwise, the Photoshop filter effects are grayed out.
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An alternative to MIME types that has been proposed involves altering the URLs themselves used to link to feeds. This approach introduces a new URI protocol scheme of feed:. For example, instead of your usual URL beginning with http, you d use a URL like this for a feed link:
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If you switch to Browse mode, you ll note that nothing prevents you from manually changing the information in the header or footer altering the data in the Full Name or Last Modified field. These two fields are intended for display only, so you need to prevent users from directly modifying their contents. Switch to Layout mode, select the Full Name field in the header, and choose Format Field/Control Behavior (Option+ +K/Alt+Ctrl+K). In the Field Behavior dialog (see Figure 4-23), remove the check mark from the Allow field to be entered In Browse mode check box and then click OK. Do the same for the Last Modified field in the footer. When entering data, you ll no longer be allowed to tab into or click these fields. You will, however, be able to search (do a Find) on the contents of these fields: That s why you left the check mark on the In Find mode option.
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On your Web server, each URL branch would be linked to document directories that store the appropriate language version. Other sites that link to your site can simply use the proper URL that is, include en, de, or jp in the URL pointing to a document on your site depending on the audience s preferred language. In addition, each version of your home page should include a prominent navigational link at the top of the document to the other language versions of the document, as shown in Figure 15-1. pdf417
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It s important to realize that you must prepare the slices and frames before dragging and dropping. Fireworks won t add frames to your document just because you attach a rollover Behavior to a slice.
engulfment model 770, 776, 829, 834, 846, 1218 parallel reactions 784, 786 table 786 Boussinesq hypothesis, turbulence model 73, 262 Bubble size 632 Bubble size, measurement 199 Bypassing, residence time distribution 9 Calorimetry, reaction see reaction calorimetry Capillary number , drop breakup 653 Causticization reaction 1193 Cavern formation 521, 530, 1114 pulp 1200 xanthan gum 1114, 1116 yield stress uids 521, 522, 526, 1080 Cavitation number, boiling 614 Cavities, gas liquid mixing 194, 598, 602, 608, 1081 CD6 impeller 331, 356, 597, 609, 614 Cell culture xxiii, 1139 animal cells 1139, 1150 see cell damage equipment design 1151 plant cells 1152 Cell damage 1139 bacterial 1138 characterization 1133, 1142 circulation time distribution 1127 due to aeration 1142, 1144, 1146 due to bubble bursting 1142, 1144, 1146 due to foam 1142, 1144, 1146 due to turbulence 1076, 1127, 1139 microcarrier cultures 1148 plant cells 1152 shear-sensitive cells 1140, 1176 surfactants 1146 suspension cultures 1141 Cell growth, model 69 Central differencing, CFD 278, 280 CFD x, 257, 833 blend time 291, 301, 314, 315, 843, 845 circulation pattern 80 equipment vendor role 1345 extruder 322 fermentation 319 ow number 294, 314 free surface 290, 300 gas liquid 290, 301, 320, 604 heat transfer 267
STEPS: Adding Fields to a Layout
InDesign gives you even more control over bulleted and numbered lists through the options you get by choosing Type Bulleted & Numbered Lists: n The Apply/Remove Bullets and Apply/Remove Numbers submenu options quickly let you turn on or off the bullets or numbering for selected paragraphs. You can also use the iconic buttons for these controls on the Control panel. n The Restart/Continue Numbering option is a handy way to control which paragraphs are numbered, such as when you have an unnumbered paragraph within a list. (This option is also available in the flyout menu of the Paragraph panel and Control panel.) n The Convert Bullets to Text and Convert Numbering to Text options remove the automatic bullets or numerals in a paragraph but leave an actual bullet character or numeral at the beginning of the paragraph for you to do as you please. (These options are also available in the flyout menu of the Paragraph panel and Control panel.) A more advanced option is the Define Lists option (available in three places: by choosing Type Bulleted & Numbered Lists Define Lists, by choosing Define Lists from the Paragraph panel s flyout menu, or by choosing New List in the List Type pop-up menu in the Bullets and Numbering
Quasi-steady state assumed for population dynamics Inverse problem
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Microorganisms unique combination of traits and their broad impact on the biosphere
FIGURE 3.7 The crazy number of options in the Size list
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