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23 Fireworks Integration
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Figure 12-18: Another example of converting AutoShapes into art.
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Microsoft and CGE&Y Case Studies
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You can close and reopen the Data Viewer window at any time (except when viewing a modal dialog), and it will retain the calculations or values you manually added to it.
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15.3 3G Technology Evolution Paths. UMTS Multi-radio and cdma2000
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Therefore, biological EPR spectroscopy is much less developed and much less important than biological NMR spectroscopy. Nevertheless, EPR spectroscopy is included in order to complete properly this chapter on magnetic resonance. In the same way as each nucleus of an atom possesses the property of spin, so too does each electron. As a result, each electron too behaves as if it were a precessing, rotating, miniature bar magnet with angular momentum, Je , also represented in the form of a vector whose length re ects magnitude and whose orientation re ects direction of spin. Magnitude is quantised with allowed magnitude de ned by a electron spin quantum number, Ie , as represented by J e = [Ie (Ie + 1)]1/2 h (5.18)
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Administration service
When working in the Mixer, Stroke, Fill (including Color Pointers), and Character Panels, the Dropper associated with these panels enables you to pluck color information from anywhere in the interface. Simply click the Color button of any of these three panels, which will cause the mouse to display as a Dropper. Then drag the Dropper over any open application or panel of the Flash interface itself and click to acquire the color that s at the end of the Dropper. (Although the Toolbox Dropper doesn t facilitate this move, it does have a unique trick of its own: It adds a new swatch to the Swatches pop-up whenever a color is acquired.)
Listing 4-26: (Part 9 of 14)
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Figure 11-7 (a) and (b) ventilated gas cavity forms [(a) vortex cavities; (b) large cavity] on turbine blades and (c) relative power demand for a gassed Rushton turbine (D/T = 0.4). (Data from Warmoeskerken et al., 1982.)
Line and area charts representing the same data
Part XI
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