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If it is not selected, InDesign subtracts from the text frame s width the space specified for the gutters. The program then divides the remaining width by the number of columns to figure out how wide the columns can be. For example, a 10-inch-wide text frame with three columns and a gutter of 1 2 inch ends up with three 3-inch columns and two 1 2-inch gutters. The math is (10 (2 0.5)) 3.
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<s:BitmapImage source= @Embed( fxgGraphics/FWGraphic.fxg ) />
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function ShoppingCart() { cartContents = new Array(); cont = cartContents; checkoutBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function():void { var xml:String = < xml version= 1.0 >\n\r ; xml += <products total=\ + totalTxt.text + \ > ; for(var i in cont)
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Dreamweaver recognizes the importance of your choice of a text editor. Although Dreamweaver ships with two extremely robust code editors as well as its excellent built-in code editor you can opt to use any other program. To select your editor, enter the path in the External Code Editor text box or click the Browse button to choose the appropriate executable file. Two editors, BBEdit for Macintosh and HomeSite for Windows, are integrated with Dreamweaver to varying degrees. Both of the editors can be called from within Dreamweaver, and both have Dreamweaver buttons for returning to the main program switching between the editor and Dreamweaver automatically updates the page. Like Dreamweaver s internal HTML editor, BBEdit highlights the corresponding code to a selection made in Dreamweaver; this property does not, however, extend to HomeSite. You specify and control your external editor selection with the following options.
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Import into Selected Element: If this check box is selected, InDesign brings the imported XML data into the currently selected object (typically a frame) rather than into a new frame. Merge Content: If this check box is selected, InDesign merges the XML file into the existing XML data, flowing into the same structure, overriding same-name data and adding new data. (This control is also available in the XML Import Options dialog box.) Append Content: If this check box is selected, InDesign simply adds the imported XML data after the current data, duplicating any similar hierarchies and same-named data. (This control is also available in the XML Import Options dialog box.)
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11 Editing, Transforming, and Retouching Images
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5. Choose a relationship from the pop-up menu/drop-down list at the top of the dialog. 6. Enter the number of rows that the portal will display in the Number of rows text box, and the item (row) you wish displayed at the top of the portal in the Initial row text box. 7. Change any of the other options you want, as follows: Select the Sort portal records check box and click the Specify button to define your sorting criteria if you wish the portal record display sorted. Select the Allow deletion of portal records check box if you want to be able to delete records in the related table by selecting them in the portal. If you think the number of records will sometimes exceed the number of portal rows set in Step 6, select the Show vertical scroll bar check box. Doing this enables you to scroll through all related records in the portal. If you opted to show the vertical scroll bar (previous option), you may also specify that the scroll bar be reset when exiting the record. Resetting the scroll bar means that the first related record will appear at the top
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Specifying Character Attributes
end r e g - t e m p l a t e ; architecture begin
The H i s t o r y o f Road S a f e t y
Sending oversized pages
leading t o a classical action functional (4.51) Going t o Euclidian space [see eqns. (4.27) and (4.30)],
lthough InDesign CS4 is a complex program that lets you do everything from designing a fashion magazine to indexing a book to generating separation plates for professional printing, you can get started building documents with just a few simple skills. If you re in a hurry to get started on a document or you have a job interview tomorrow based on your proficiency in InDesign work through the steps in this section. You can learn the basic building blocks of documents (frames and lines) and the two primary tools (Selection and Direct Selection). By all means, do not assume that these steps provide all you need to know about InDesign CS4. From here, head to related sections of the book and explore the full functionality of the program. If you re not sure where to start, figure out what you ll be doing the most. For example, if you ll be flowing text into a newsletter template, head to Part IV. To create the sample document shown in Figure QS.1 from my book QuarkXPress to InDesign: Face to Face (Wiley, 2005) you need InDesign, a text file from a program such as Microsoft Word, a graphic file such as a TIFF file, and a laser or inkjet printer. You can follow the steps exactly (substituting your own text, graphic, and fonts), or you can vary the design as much as you want.
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Understanding paragraph fundamentals Working with paragraph and nested styles Changing margins, indentation, spacing, and column spanning Applying initial caps, inline graphics, and automatic bullets and numbering Working with hyphenation and justification Modifying other paragraph formats
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