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The most significant difference between the indexing of text and numeric fields is that text fields provide the option for two indexes that operate independently, as noted earlier. However, the sequence and behavior of a numeric index differs from a text index. As shown in Figure 9.19, if you view the index of a number field, the index entries appear as you d expect, arranged in ascending order according to their numeric value. If a text field containing the same data as the field that produced the numeric index shown as Figure 9.19 is indexed, the presentation order follows a different convention. The convention for sorting text data follows different rules, so numeric data stored in a text field is presented in a different format, as shown in Figure 9.20. In this circumstance, when you follow the rules for alphabetic sorting, an ascending order places 12 before 2 and 207 before 21. barcode scanning
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5. Click OK to acknowledge that the query cannot be displayed graphically. 6. Click the Return Data to Microsoft Excel button to return the data to Excel and continue. 7. When the Import Data dialog box appears (see Figure 10-1) choose PivotTable Report, and click OK to create the PivotTable and the PivotChart. 8. Drag SalesRegion to the Row Labels area, SalesGroup to the Column Labels area, and Quantity to the Values area. 9. Verify that your PivotTable report looks like Figure 10-2.
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You can quickly zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Press Alt (Option) and then rotate the wheel to zoom in and out. 2d barcode generator
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Ion and Hall Thruster Plumes
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Figure 27-6: How you specify the value for an editable attribute in the Template Properties dialog box depends on the type of attribute. A color attribute type, for example, uses Dreamweaver s standard color picker. With each of the Template Properties types, you have the option to allow the nested template to control the attribute. Select this option if you intend to save the current document as a template thus creating a nested template and if you want documents based on that nested template to set the attribute value. You can also choose this option when editing a nested template. Nested templates are covered in depth later in this chapter.
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eBay Picture Services is the quick and easy way to go. Enter the path to each image you want to upload with your auction. The rst picture is free and each additional picture is $.15. After submitting your item for sale, the pictures are automatically uploaded to eBay, and are linked to your auction. 12. (Optional) Choose additional options in the Picture option section of the Sell Your Item: Enter Picture and Item Details page. You can choose to supersize
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For more information about using the Pages panel to work on master pages, see 7. n
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The paragraph-level composer is more sophisticated than the single-line option, offering generally better overall spacing because it sacrifices optimal spacing a bit on one line to prevent really bad spacing on another, something the single-line method does not do. However, dealing with the paragraph-level composer has one frustration: When you try to edit text or play with tracking to get rid of an orphan or widow, the Paragraph Composer keeps adjusting the text across several lines, often counteracting your nips and tucks. The Single-Line Composer doesn t do that.
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Stored Procedures with Input Parameters
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It s not really necessary for a macro to select the PlotArea object. In fact, it s hardly ever necessary to select an object before you manipulate its properties in a macro. Selecting an object may even make the code run slower. The five statements in the preceding code block can be rewritten as follows:
From the way things worked for CVS, you be might starting to think about how to parse this text output. Well, there s one more option you can throw into this mix to make things a little easier (see Figure 11-11):
TABLE 7.47 Combined Plugboard/ Vowel-Stepper for Table 7.25 Parameters
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