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Addressing Resources with URLs
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Letters, digits, and the following punctuation characters will never be encoded:
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First, you should understand why these things happen. A pixel can either be on or off you can t have a pixel that s only half-colored. By default, Illustrator always draws objects that snap to an invisible pixel grid. (You can turn off this feature by deselecting View Snap to Pixel when you re in Pixel Preview mode.) Illustrator also paints strokes on the center of a path. This means that if you choose a 1-pixel stroke, Illustrator centers it on the path, effectively placing half a pixel on either side of the stroke. However, because you can t fill only half a pixel with color, Illustrator uses antialiasing to turn that 1-pixel black line into a 2-pixel gray line. If you turn off the Snap to Pixel option and then move the line half a pixel in either direction (via the Move dialog box, accessed by doubleclicking on the Selection tool), you see the 2-pixel gray line turn into a 1-pixel black line, as shown in this first figure.
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-- s t a g e 2 , s h i f t 0 o r 4 b i t s y <= s i ( 3 downto 0 ) & s O ( 7 downto 4) when a m t ( 2 ) = l sl; end m u l t i - s t a g e - a r c h ;
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Enhancing Productivity and Web Site Management
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lass cutting is mysterious to most of us. The thought of cutting glass ourselves seems impossible and best left to the masters. We view glass cutting at hardware stores as if it is magic performed in front of our naked eyes. Perhaps our reluctance to cut glass comes from the conditioning we received when we were young that glass is dangerous and we should avoid it at all costs. There is really nothing magical about cutting glass. Glass cutting is really a rather simple task and quite easy to learn. Cutting glass is not like cutting paper. There are neither scissor-like nor saw-like tools to help you cut glass. If you try any of those tools on a glass pane, you ll just shatter it. Glass cutting really includes two parts: scoring and breaking. It only takes a few minutes to perform each part. Once you learn how to cut glass, you ll find that you spend more time taking measurements than actually cutting the glass. code 39 generator software
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You use the Live Paint Bucket tool to apply the current paint style to both paths and Live Trace images. You can also apply any attribute that s active in the Appearance panel. Using the Live Paint Bucket tool is a quick and painless way to apply a set style or group of attributes you like to other objects.
31 Working with Vector Graphics
This quote characterizes the situation in a number of data-intensive science disciplines, including high-energy physics and astronomy. These disciplines are driving the development of data management tools for the Grid that provides naming and location transparency, and replica management for very large data sets. The Globus Data Grid tools include a replica catalogue [57], a replica manager [58], and a high-performance data movement tool (GridFTP, [28]). The Globus tools do not currently provide metadata catalogues. (Most of the aforementioned projects already maintain their own style of metadata catalogue.) The European Union DataGrid project provides a similar service for replica management that uses a different set of catalogue and replica management tools (GDMP [59]). It, however, also uses GridFTP as the low-level data service. The differences in the two approaches are currently being resolved in a joint US EU Data Grid services committee. Providing an operational replica service will involve maintaining both the replica manager service and the replica catalogue. In the long term, the replica catalogue will probably just be data elements in the GIS/MDS, but today it is likely to be a separate directory service. Both the replica manager and catalogue will be critical services in the science environments that rely on them for data management. The data-intensive science applications noted above that are international in their scope have motivated the GridFTP emphasis on providing WAN high performance and the ability to manage huge les in the wide area. To accomplish this, GridFTP provides
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