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Part IV
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1. Select the text, image, page object, or code you want to render if the first condition is true. 2. From the Insert bar s XSLT category, choose Multiple Conditional Region. 3. When the Multiple Conditional Region dialog box opens, enter the condition to evaluate in the Test field; click OK when you re done.
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Dynamic Text
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Modifying an existing style
.net data matrix reader
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Figure 9-14: As this composite screen shot indicates, you can change the Behavior of an instance from the Instance Panel.
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10: Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns . . . . . . . . . . 347
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Type the number in the first box, and then choose Minutes, Hours, MB, GB, or Items in the first pop-up menu. In the second pop-up menu, choose how to select the songs for example, by least often played, by highest rating, or simply at random.
6 . For a xenon ion thruster with a grid area of 500 cm2 with a screen grid
12 Applying Regular Expressions
<a href= #d-h >[D-H]</a> <a href= #i-l >[I-L]</a>
You have several ways to specify that a style, or group of styles, should be used only for a speci c media type. The following sections detail each method.
Part II: Developing Interactive Content
Text fields
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