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s a FileMaker Pro user, you will spend most of your time in Browse mode, one of the four FileMaker Pro operational modes discussed in 1. Whenever you want to view, enter, or edit data; add new records; or delete records, you must first switch to Browse mode.
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Part I Dreamweaver MX 2004 Basics
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Click the Options button to show this section of the dialog box
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Performing a sort that includes multiple sort fields is not the same as performing several successive sorts that use those same fields. Every sort always starts from the original record order not from the order that s currently appearing onscreen. For example, if you sort a database by the Company and Last Name fields, the records are arranged in order according to company. Within every company, records are further arranged alphabetically by the employees last names. A sort that includes multiple sort fields is sometimes called a compound sort. On the other hand, if you perform two sorts the first by the Company field and the second by the Last Name field each sort works independently of the other; the effects aren t cumulative. The first sort arranges records in company order. The second merely arranges the records according to last names, completely ignoring the results of the first sort.
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FIGURE 13.3 The default script error dialog for the empty Find criteria condition.
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Examining why to animate a GIF
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When you move the mouse pointer over the column of symbols at the left of the script definition panel, it changes to the familiar FileMaker handle cursor, showing double-headed arrows to signify that you can drag the object up or down. You can click the handle, illustrated in Figure 8.6, and drag the adjacent command to a new position in your script.
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Figure 18.5 shows an illustration that s placed on a page in both portrait and landscape orientations, with and without the Transverse option selected.
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Throughput per TSL (kbps)
Part II Database Design Basics
Better Looking Charts
returns a reference to the window under point (x,y) on the given screen, returning nil if none is found. Imageget returns copies of the image and mask of the Tk bitmap or Tk widget with the given name associated with Toplevel t; either Image could be nil. Imageput replaces the image (i) and mask (m) of the Tk bitmap image name in t. Both functions return strings that are nil if the operation was successful, but contain a diagnostic on error (e.g. invalid top level or name).
Both the AIM and Jabber networks share a lot of features, which is not too hard to imagine because they re both implementations of instant messaging systems. So, taking just a tiny subset of those shared features specifically connecting and logging in, and sending and receiving plain text messages you can build a common interface to both of these services. Doing this will help keep your code clean and abstract, without any network-specific dependencies. And, if you feel like it later, you can even add support for other IM networks by following the same interface pattern.
3. Draw a horizontal line with a fill of None and a stroke of the point size you want from outside the left edge of the rectangle to outside the right edge of the rectangle. 4. Make a pattern from the two objects. You make a pattern by adding the image to the Swatches panel. 5. Apply the pattern to the object of your choice. You can apply a pattern by selecting the object and then choosing the pattern from the Swatches panel. The triangle in Figure 10.15 shows the results.
users. Among the control channels, the Broadcast Channel (BCCH), the Frequency Correction Channel (FCH) and the Synchronization Channel (SCH) have special relevance because their configurations have a direct impact on the system capacity. These special control channels have to be configured in a manner that they can be decoded by any mobile in the network that is near the cell, thus introducing the following constraints: (a) they need to be transmitted at maximum power, (b) they have to be deployed in carriers that do not use FH and (c) the reuse of the frequency plan has to be loose enough to enable a proper decoding of the broadcasted inform42ation, which in practice means using a reuse 3/9 or higher. These constraints will represent a reduction in the system capacity due to the fact that a part of the available spectrum needs to be deployed with a non-spectral efficient configuration (Figure 2.4). Network Architecture The GSM system is divided into three main units: the Base Station Subsystem (BSS), the Network and Switching System (NSS) and the Network Management System (NMS). While the NMS is a support system, whose scope is to help in the configuration and troubleshooting of the network, the BSS and the NSS deal with the transmission and switching of the connections, and are particularly important when analyzing the performance of the different services. The main units to highlight in the basic GSM system (circuit-switched services) are shown in Figure 2.5.
3. If you want guests on other Macs to be able to mount shared folders over a network,
The Index panel s flyout menu has several options useful for fine-tuning and generating the index: n Duplicate Topic: This option lets you duplicate a topic entry so that you can use the settings in one entry without having to reselect them all. n Delete Topic: This option removes a topic (and any associated entries) from the index. n Import Topics: This option lets you import topic lists from other InDesign documents a very handy way to ensure consistent entry labels from chapter to chapter in a book, for example.
Exporting XML
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