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Forwarding parameters via a URL Automating Application Object production Getting values from a form Making form elements dynamic Administering data sources with Web applications Displaying variables
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Excel displays a variety of paper sizes, but your printer may not be capable of using them.
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SetPrecision Sign Sin Sqrt StDev StDevP Substitute Sum TableIDs TableNames Tan TextColor TextColorRemove TextFont TextFontRemove
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After being defined, all the servers are listed along with the sites in the Files panel pop-up menu. As noted earlier, the type of server is used as a preface to the defined name. Thus, all the FTP servers are grouped together as are all the RDS servers; servers are listed above the standard site list in the pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 5-13. Choose any server from the list to open a connection and list the files. After the files are listed, you can choose any one just as you would select a file from a defined site, by double-clicking the filename to open the file. Dreamweaver automatically downloads the file and any dependent files, such as images, needed to render the page.
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Dialkyl-substituted aromatics can be alkylated at both alkyl groups under appropriate conditions. m-Xylene and 1,3-dimethylnaphthalene were transformed into the corresponding r:x,r:l-dianions with n-pentylsodium in the presence of catalytic amount of N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine in quantitative yield 59 The dianions were subsequently alkylated with methyl iodide to yield m-diethylbenzene and 1,3-diethylnaphthalene, respectively. p-Xylene and 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, however, could not be alkylated. This was explained to result from the very low reactivity of the corresponding monoanions to participate in a second metallation due to the accumulation of the negative charge at the para position of the ring 60 Even p-xylene could be dialkylated, however, when metallation was carried out with the n-BuLi-tert-BuOK reagent followed by reaction with dimethyl sulfate 59 Unsymmetric dialkylation was achieved by stepwise alkylation 61 p-Xylene was first monomethylated to yield p-ethyltoluene, which, in tum, underwent ethylation to give p-propylethylbenzene in 74% combined yield. The reaction of dianions with r:x,w-dihalides afforded the synthesis of cyclophanes in low yields 61 In addition to the abovementioned alkylations at activated positions, powerful metalating agents permit the removal of protons from olefinic carbons or aromatic ring carbons. As a result, alkylation at vinylic position or at the aromatic ring is also possible. n_BuK262 or the LICKOR superbase when used in pentane 253 ,263 are nonselective reagents in the alkylation of aromatics, producing a mixture of products methylated at both the benzylic position and at the ring. The combinations of different alkyllithiums and potassium alcoholates proved to be somewhat more selective 63 However, when the LICKOR reagent is applied in THF, subsequent
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4: Wireframing an Application in Flash Catalyst
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Sales Force Mobility Reduces Costs, Increases Revenues, and Improves Customer Satisfaction
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Ion Thruster Accelerator Grids
Flight size
Building Report Solutions
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4 Taking Apart Your PSP
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After you ve saved your Web page and chosen Relative to Document, Dreamweaver displays the address in the URL text box. If the image is located in a folder on the same level as or within your current site root folder, the address is formatted with just a path and filename. For instance, if you re inserting a graphic from the subfolder named Images, Dreamweaver inserts an address like the following:
Plotting keyframes and repositioning your AP elements works well when you need to follow a pixel-precise path, but it can be extremely tedious when you re trying to move an AP element more freely on the screen. Luckily, Dreamweaver provides you with an easier method for defining an AP element s movement path. You can simply drag your AP element around the screen to create a path, and refine the path or its timing afterward. The Record Path of AP Element command automatically creates the necessary series of keyframes, calculated from your dragging of the AP element. To fine-tune your work, you can select any of these keyframes
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