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The Flash Player can be detected with most JavaScript-enabled Web browsers, by using the JavaScript array navigator.mimeTypes. The value for this array is always empty for Internet Explorer browsers, including IE 4.5 on Macintosh. IE 5.0 for Macintosh now supports this array. While we can use VBScript to detect for IE on Windows, there is no script plug-in detection available for IE 4.5 on Macintosh. You can however, use the Flash Sniffer method, discussed in the next heading, to detect Flash on IE 4.5 on Macintosh.
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Stop Playing/Recording Begin Recording Play Current Selection
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Part II: Putting Illustrator to Work
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18: Creating a Project for AIR
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Creating frequency distributions and histograms
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8 Working with Text
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Mac users: Fireworks saves the palette file with a Fireworks Creator code (MKBY), but Fireworks doesn t provide an icon for a color table file type (8BCT). If you also have Photoshop, applying a Photoshop Creator code (8BIM) to the file with AppleScript or a utility, such as File Buddy, applies an icon (from Photoshop) to it as well.
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The technique just outlined works well for embedded styles. However, if you re using external style sheets, you ll need to take a different approach. Create a separate style sheet, one for each layout variation, and insert a template expression in the link code to switch sheets on demand. The following code assumes the two style sheets are in the same folder and named main_2col. css and main_1col.css:
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5: Creating Objects, Graphs, and Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125
fashion to the same points and heights indicated in step 4. The arcs drawn in steps 4 and 5 start to define the frame and shape of the canopy.
The variable myVar shares its value with the destinationLabel control at application startup, but because the variable isn t marked as bindable, any changes at runtime won t be passed to the control. In fact, the compiler notices this problem and generates a compiler warning, as shown in Figure 5.1.
You can easily change the layout of a SmartArt diagram. Select the object and then choose SmartArt Tools Design Layouts. Any text that you ve entered remains intact. Figure 22.11 shows a few alternate layouts for the previous example.
Formulas for performing common summing tasks Conditional summing formulas using a single criterion Conditional summing formulas using multiple criteria
The various keywords available in CSS, along with the respective properties to which they can apply, are covered within s 29 through 35. The keywords are covered in Appendix C.
As discussed in '$13.3and '$13.6,the requirement that a soliton exhibit finite energy means that the field U(x,t) must approach a constant matrix Uo as T = 1 1 -+ m. The Lagrangian density (13.94) is invariant under global chiral x transformations, so the constant Uo can be reduced to the unit matrix by a chiral rotation without affecting L; therefore, without loss of information we take for the boundary condition U -+ 1 as T -+ 00. As Balachandran (1986) points out, this is analogous to the choice of a particular direction to align the spins in the ground state of the Heisenberg ferromagnet (see Ch. 8). Now U -+ 1 and not an angle-dependent limit as T -+ 00, so all points at spatial infinity may be identified as a single point, and for our purposes this converts
Re-estimation We now re-estimate the parameters (p, P, q); while re-estimation improves Pr{Y y}, it may not make jq( j/i) 2 q( j/i)j, for example, smaller. S is iterated so that (p, P, q) ! S(p, P, q) ! S2 (p, P, q) ! ! Sr(p, P, q) until the change jS r21(p, P, q) 2 S r(p, P, q)j is small enough.
Getting Art Out of Illustrator
Protecting auto-entered values
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