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Pointwise velocity as a function of time [u(t) or v(t) or w(t)]. Laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) is a single-point time series measurement, typically of one or two velocity components. From these data we can extract mean and RMS velocities, spectral information, and in the case of a two-component instrument, a single Reynolds stress (ui uj ). We cannot obtain much information about the shape of large structures, or macroinstabilities in the ow, because only one spatial location can be measured at a time. Pointwise velocity relative to the impeller blade [u( ) or v( ) or w( )]. Angleor phase-resolved LDV is still a single-point measurement but with the addition of a shaft encoder, which records the shaft angle versus time. The velocity versus time data are then sorted by angular position to give the velocity relative to the impeller blade. These data can be used to uncover cyclically appearing structures, such as the trailing vortices, and to de ne angle-resolved values of the RMS velocity and (again if two components are available) a single Reynolds stress. This information suggests that the peak levels of turbulence are rotating with the blades in a very small area behind the blades. Understanding this is important if we are to address the mechanisms of drop breakup and cell destruction vis-a-vis the instantaneous turbulence eld. Two components of velocity as a function of time over a full plane of the ow [u(x,y,t), v(x,y,t)]. Full-plane particle image velocimetry (PIV) provides a full plane of velocity data with two components of the velocity at once. The measuring volume is thin in the direction normal to the plane. This is a problem if the component normal to the plane is large because the particles will not stay in the illuminated plane long enough to register a velocity. There are ways around this if the plane can be oriented to match
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var nAverageScore:Number = (90 + 78 + 27) / 3;
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Part II: Designing the Application
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In the preceding examples, we use comparison operators to determine how two values compare. The first expression is determining whether 6 is less than 10. That expression evaluates to true. The second expression determines whether 55 is equal to 56. That expression evaluates to false. There are many other examples of expressions, and we ll examine some of them throughout the rest of this chapter.
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Figure 21-31 Hydraulic seal. (Courtesy of Lightnin.)
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15 Automating FileMaker Pro
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Creating a new set
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ou typically replace fonts in your layout because you actually want to use a different font, not merely because you don t happen to have the fonts installed on your system that the document is using. After all, the design shouldn t change just because you don t happen to have the needed fonts on your computer. In both Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard), the easiest way to add fonts is by opening the Font Book program in the Applications folder and then choosing File Add Fonts to install OpenType, Type 1 PostScript, and TrueType fonts. You can also do it manually by dragging fonts files to one of the following folders:
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Saving and restoring Preferences Comparing documents Saving previews and reverting Removing metadata
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24 Workgroup Editing 25 Setting Up Tabs and Tables 26 Using Automatic and Custom Text 27 Working with Footnotes, Indexes, and TOCs
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The video synchronization circuit generates the hsync signal, which specifies the required time to traverse (scan) a row, and the vsync signal, which specifies the required time to traverse (scan) the entire screen. Subsequent discussions are based on a 640-by-480 VGA screen with a 25-MHz pixel rate, which means that 25M pixels are processed in a second. Note that this resolution is also know as the VGA mode. The screen of a CRT monitor usually includes a small black border, as shown at the top of Figure 12.4. The middle rectangle is the visible portion. Note that the coordinate of the vertical axis increases downward. The coordinates of the top-left and bottom-right corners are (0,O) and (639,479), respectively.
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Be sure to name your Shockwave or Flash movie. Otherwise, the Control Shockwave or Flash action lists both unnamed <embed> and unnamed <object> for each file, and you cannot write to both tags as you can with a named movie.
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