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You can write your own proxy scripts if you have the knowledge and the desire, or you can use the ones included on the web site. You can write a script using any language that you want. If you want to write a proxy script using PHP, take a look at www.flash-db.com for a tutorial on this very subject.
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CH 3
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3.6. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS 3.6.1. Fischer-Tropsch Chemistry
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This control appears on the Sound panel, yet a measure of its functionality occurs in conjunction with the Edit Envelope control. The Loop numeric entry field is used to set the number of times that a sound file will loop (or repeat). A small looping selection, such as a break beat or jazz riff can be used for a background soundtrack. A short ambient noise can also be looped for an interesting effect. To test the quality of a looping selection, click the Edit button, which will take you to the Edit Envelope control where you can click the Play button for a preview of your loop. If the loop isn t perfect, or has hiccups, use the Control Bars and envelope handles to trim or taper off a blank or adversely repeating section. In 32, Working with Audio Applications, we show you how to create precise loops with Sonic Foundry s Acid Pro and other sound editors and mixers.
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Appendix B
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8. Select the exported item from the list pane. 9. Insert the Library item on the page, either by choosing Add to Page, or by dragging and dropping the item from the list or preview pane. The Library item is added to your page and initially selected. Feel free to move the Fireworks-generated Library item anywhere on the page; if necessary, the code will move as well.
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Planning Your Book
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formylation of, 390 halogenation of, 577, 585, 593, 600 hydrogenolysis of, 656, 657, 663, 678 isomerization equilibria of, 161, 162 isomerization of, 161, 182, 192, 194 nitration of, 578, 591, 592, 594 oxidation of, 427, 434, 439, 442, 519, 520 ozonation of, 436, 437, 438 self-alkylative condensation of, 224 sulfochlorination of, 590, 594 sulfuration, 579 n-Alkanes, in manufacture of sec-alcohols, 506 Alkar process, for manufacture of ethylbenzene, 257 Alkenes acylation of, 428 as additives, in carboxylation, 385 alkylation of, acid-catalyzed, 225, 227 alkylation of alkanes, with, 215, 261 allylic halogenation of, 590 allylic oxidation of, 483, 487, 510, 528 in fluorous biphasic system, 814 aminomethylation of, 386, 394 ammoxidation of, 511 in aromatization, 54, 55 autoxidation of, 461 bis-hydroxylation of, 467, 526 branched, 37 carboalumination of, 346 carboxylation of, 379, 381, 391 chemical reduction of, 644 dehydrocyclization of, 53-55 in Diels-Alder reaction, 332-335 dimerization of, 724, 726, 727, 729, 732, 733 mechanism, 728 dissociatively adsorbed, in hydrogenation, 621 epoxidation of, 449, 506, 508, 522, 813 formation of in cracking, 33-37, 55 in dehydrogenation, 44, 46, 47, 62 in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, 100, 103, 107, 108, 125, 126 in KOlbel-Engelhardt synthesis, 108 in methanol conversion, 117, 119, 122, 136 in gasoline, 32 halogenation of, 304, 337 halometallation of, 327 homologation of, with methane, 253 hydration of, 285, 288 hydroalanation of, 321, 345 hydroamination of, 312 hydroboration of, 316, 341 hydrocarboxymethylation of, 385
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1. Choose File Design Notes to open the Design Notes dialog box. To insert a Design Note for an object embedded on a Web page, such as a graphic, Flash movie, or other multimedia element, right-click (Control+click) the object and choose Design Notes from the context menu. 2. On the Basic Info tab of the Design Notes dialog box, choose one of the following standard options from the Status drop-down list: draft, revision1, revision2, revision3, alpha, beta, final, or needs attention. 3. To add the current date (in m/d/yy format, such as 3/7/01) to the Notes field, click the Calendar icon. 4. Enter any desired text into the Notes field. The same Notes text is displayed regardless of which Status option you choose. 5. If you d like the Design Notes dialog box with the current information to appear the next time the page is loaded, select the Show When File Is Opened option. The Show When File Is Opened option is only available for Design Notes attached to pages, not for Design Notes attached to page elements such as images. 6. Click OK when you re finished.
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You can also access the workbook shown in Figure 13.10 on the companion CD-ROM. The file is named jogging log.xlsx.
1. Select the record that you want to duplicate. 2. Choose Records Duplicate Record (or press +D/Ctrl+D). A duplicate record is added to the database and becomes the current record. You can now edit the duplicate.
Pause/Resume Script
The Browser Check menu offers these options: Check Browser Support: Checks the current page against the browser versions selected in the Settings dialog box. Next Error: Displays the first (or next) problem Dreamweaver found in Split view with the cause of the error marked with a wavy red underline. Mouse over the error to see an explanation of the error in a tooltip; Dreamweaver also lists the browser or browsers in which the error occurs. Preview Error: Displays the prior error, again marked with a red wavy underline.
Of course, it s of no use to always assign the same number to the :before pseudo-element. That s where the counter-increment and counter-reset objects come in, described in the next section.
By combining the Fill over Stroke option with a stroke rendered on the center of the path and a fill with a feathered edge, the stroke appears to blend into the fill while retaining a hard outer edge.
Measuring Goodness of Fit Using R2
re.DOTALL Wildcard matches in regular expressions include newlines. re.MULTILINE Matching is not limited to a single line of text. re.IGNORECASE Matching is made case-insensitive, so things like <br> and <BR>
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