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{=INDEX(1:1,MAX(COLUMN(1:1)*(1:1<> )))}
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Such a rule is trivial, because we should have known. Although trivial rules are not useful from a business perspective, they are resounding successes for the computer because the pattern is undeniably in the data. An interesting use of trivial rules is to look at the exceptions, which might point to data quality or operational issues.
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When you create a connection to an external data source for your Excel report, you must supply Excel with some information about the type of data that you are accessing, where it is located, your security credentials for accessing the data, and the name of the specific object that you want to access. Specifically, there are four elements that are either specified or obtained from the user s account when setting up a connection to an external data source. These elements are usually supplied in the following order:
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Figure 12-16 shows the result, which, on your computer screen, is quite attractive, particu larly if you remember that each colored box is actually a full dynamic HTML container and can hold graphics, hypertext links, or whatever else you want.
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Here s how to add passwords to your keychain: When connecting to a network server. Type your account name and the password, then select the Remember this password in my keychain option just below the Password field. When using a program that uses passwords. Look for a keychain check box in the Login dialog; if you don t find one, try looking in the application s preferences. Not all programs use keychains, but you ll find that most e-mail and FTP programs do use the keychain to store your passwords. When logging into a secure Web site. Make sure that your Web browser s preferences are set to use autofill for Web forms. In Safari s preferences, click AutoFill and then select the User names and passwords option. By default, these passwords are stored in a keychain called Login, which automatically unlocks when you log in and locks again when you log out.You can also lock the keychain yourself, and you can set it to lock when your iMac s been idle for a specified length of time. To accomplish these tasks, start Keychain Access (see figure 2.7), located in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder. Choose the keychain you want to lock from the Keychains column, and click the padlock button at the top of the window to lock it. To have the keychain lock when you leave your iMac, select it from the list and choose Edit Change Settings for Keychain. Then type the amount of time you want the system to wait before locking your keychain.
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Purpose: Evaluates any mathematical expression to the specified number of decimal places (up to 400). This does not include trigonometric functions. Syntax: SetPrecision (expression ; precision)
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F1 (Windows) Help key or Cmd+ (Mac)
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The usual method for determining and acting on what the user has selected requires the getSelection() function. getSelection() returns 2-byte offsets that mark the beginning and end of the user s selection. The difficulty appears when you try to extract the character data that corresponds to those byte offsets. The offsetsToNode() function, which is used to make this translation, expands the offsets to the nearest tag the innerHTML, in other words. For example, the following function attempts to get the user s selection and report it in an alert:
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Artwork that is not part of the initial design in Illustrator can be imported into Catalyst at any time. Artwork in a distinct file can be imported from the File menu.
// make the buttons grow in size this._xscale = 160; this._yscale = 140; // make the display window scroll to this index number _root.windowTarget = this._name; // call the function to generate the descriptive text _root.createText(this.header, _root , 600, 10, 405, 12, twLetterClip ); } on (releaseOutside, rollOut, dragOver, dragOut) { // make the display scroll back to the logo _root.windowTarget = 0; // call the function to remove the descriptive text clips _root.removeText(); // begin rollout animation inside the button and reset its size gotoAndPlay ( out ); this._xscale = 100; this._yscale = 100; } on (release) { // load a SWF based on the variable this.content // into the level that is equal to the instance name of // this MC (1-10) loadMovieNum (this.content, this._name); // reset the button to the off position gotoAndPlay ( off ); }
Go to Layout is one of the most frequently used script steps. It s not unusual to begin a script with this step (to ensure that the correct layout is displayed, for example). In many databases, this step is attached to navigation buttons that display a help or report layout.
If your formula uses named cells or ranges, you can either type the name in place of the address or choose the name from a list and have Excel insert the name for you automatically. Two ways to insert a name into a formula are available: n Select the name from the drop-down list: To use this method, you must know at least the first character of the name. When you re entering the formula, type the first character and then select the name from the drop-down list. n Press F3: This key displays the Paste Name dialog box. Select the name from the list and click OK (or just double-click the name). Excel will enter the name into your formula. If no names are defined, pressing F3 has no effect.
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