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Figure 4-17: Click to select a color from the Fill Color palette.
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copy of selected geometry parallel to the original selection. Using Offset on a selected face will create a copy of all the edges that compose that face and will either expand the face (offset outward) or further subdivide the face (offset inward) (Fig. 2-17). Selecting and offsetting edges will create copies of the selected edge.
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You are:</td><td><select name= city tabindex= 5 />
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Exploding the Flatwork Base
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Working in different views
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Figure 12-15: Adjust the parameters of either the Inset Emboss or Raised Emboss effects through their identical pop-up dialog boxes.
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The !DOCTYPE provides the path the browser must take to nd the DTD le that is used to interpret the XML tags on the page. An alternative method is to force the browser to locate a stored DTD within the browser program and execute that against the XML le. The following example is of Microsoft Vector Markup Language (VML) embedded within an HTML document. VML is a version of XML that, when translated with the correct DTD, takes the scripted VML tags and creates a vector image to display in Internet Explorer. The DTD is stored within Microsoft Internet Explorer and must be called from the browser:
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volume, but will always want headphones to hear how his or her voice reacts with the mic. If your budget requires that you stick with a simple setup, try using a mic pre-amp with headphone monitoring built in. The audio levels to the speakers in this setup are controlled via a software panel that comes with the soundcard. The main inputs to the computer are also controlled this way, along with the ability to monitor what is coming in from the microphone input.
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Massimo combines Macromedia functions and his own to initialize the dialog box. The Macromedia-designed niceNames() function changes JavaScript object references such as document.layers[ onLayer ].document.theForm to a more readable format such as form theForm in layer onLayer . The result of the niceNames() function then is used to fill a drop-down list via Massimo s own populateSelect() function, found in the DW_UI.js file included in our opening step. The remaining two lines that start with the findObject() function are used to place the user s cursor in the text field when the dialog box opens a nice touch that demonstrates Massimo s professionalism. Both niceNames() and findObject() are found in the external JavaScript files included earlier. Finally, you need to attach the initializeUI() to <body> with an onLoad event in the HTML file. Locate the <body> tag and amend it so that it reads as follows:
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A firewall is a program that double-checks all the data coming into your computer via a network connection and blocks specified types of data such as viruses and outside attempts to control your network. Like a physical firewall, it s designed to prevent damaging intrusions into your system.You probably don t actually need a firewall because Macs don t tend to allow much external access by default but it doesn t hurt to lock your doors, so to speak, just in case.
Depending on the video format your digital camera uses, you may find that iMovie displays the No matching video message when you select the iPhoto Videos Event
expansion nature of powders can be determined by passing air through a permeable membrane or uidizing media. The particles rise due to the drag force of the gas. Further increase in the air velocity, called the super cial air velocity, causes agitation in the bed, resulting in the formation of bubbles, causing mixing to take place. Such an operation (van den Bergh, 1994) is used for cement blending (10 000 m3 ) and for blending of pellets (1000 m3 ) in the petrochemical sector; however, uidizing blenders consume very high energy, so industry also has considered gravity blenders. Refer to Table 15-7 for blender power consumption. The amount of air to uidize a system, the minimum uidization velocity, is a function of the particle size, particle density, bulk density, and gas density. Bulk solids can be classi ed into four types, based on the density difference and mean particle size, as in Figure 15-49 (Geldart, 1973):
The new Flash command capability is evident throughout Fireworks MX. Most of the commands in the shipping version of the program are Flash commands. Flash really lends itself to interface design and almost anything is possible. Take a look at the different interfaces in some of the commands: Add Arrowheads, Add Picture Frame, Twist and Fade, and the Data-Driven Graphics Wizard to name a few.
ditions corresponding to the onset of hydrodynamical behavior at a proper time (Fig. 14.17b)
Keyboard, the Musical Typing keyboard, or your external musical keyboard. If you don t like the sounds, you can either choose another instrument by repeating Steps 2 and 3, or change its sound as described later in this chapter.
Optimizing Your System for Gaming
The request to a remote domain is sent from the Flex application to BlazeDS when using the Proxy Service
Diagnosis Process.
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