Expert Tutorial: Designing for Usability, by Scott Brown in .NET

Implementation QRCode in .NET Expert Tutorial: Designing for Usability, by Scott Brown

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Getting Art Out of Illustrator
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Mac via FireWire. For a camera other than an iSight, turn its control knob to the Record position or Camera position (depending on the model).
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Setting monitor bit depth
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Part V Adding Multimedia Elements
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After you have the class included in your project, you must create a regular expression object before you can do anything with regular expressions. To create a regular expression object, just call the RegExp constructor. The constructor requires one parameter and allows for a second optional parameter. The required parameter is a string representing the regular expression. For example, the regular expression /abc/ would be represented as the following in ActionScript:
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1. Switch to Find mode. 2. Click the field that you want to use in the search. 3. Choose the appropriate symbol from the Symbols pop-up menu (or type it directly into the field): > (greater than): Find all items that exceed the value entered. (greater than or equal to): Find all items that exceed or are exactly equal to the value entered. < (less than): Find all items that are smaller than the value entered. (less than or equal to): Find all items that are smaller than or exactly equal to the value entered.
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Caution Be aware of two points when tackling the menus.xml file. First, you have to make sure you re editing the correct version of the file. If you are using a multiuser operating system (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Mac OS X), you find the file in your user Configuration folder. System administrators and users of Windows 98 should use the menus.xml file found in the program s Configuration folder. Second, the syntax for menus.xml is quite complex. Dreamweaver ignores any syntactically incorrect entries and disables their corresponding menu items. So take great care when you edit menus.xml to use proper syntax, and make sure you create a backup of the file before you begin editing.
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5. Open the Generator Object tool window (Window Generator Objects) and drag
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A two-way data table shows the results of a single calculation for different values of two input cells. Figure 16.8 shows a two-way data table (in B10:I16) that displays a calculation (payment amount) for a loan, using seven interest rates and six loan amounts.
mission is to use science, data, and facts to find good in tragedy. Sandberg followed-up noting the great need for more data to reduce injury and fatalities. Both were strong proponents of using motor vehicle event data recorders in the highway mode of transportation. Ford Motor Company executives provided two presentations: Bill Ballard, a design analysis engineer employed since 1985, provided a discussion of the current status of EDRs within vehicles sold by Ford in North America. Richard R. Ruth, employed by Ford Motor Company since 1973 in a wide variety of product engineering projects, and currently manager of the design analysis vehicle dynamics and interior department, provided a perspective of why manufacturers record data. He also explained what a manufacturer considers when designing an EDR function into existing electronic modules, listed some examples of what is recorded in specific systems and why, and detailed a recap of EDR-related issues as seen by a manufacturer. Ford Motor Company is generally considered to be the second largest original equipment manufacturer in the world. Company information about Ford Motor Company highlights the following points: Our Vision: To become the worlds leading consumer company for automotive products and services. Our Mission: We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world. We anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding products and services that improve people s lives. Our Values: Our business is driven by our consumer focus, creativity, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are an inspired, diverse team. We respect and value everyone s contribution. The health and safety of our people are paramount. We are a leader in environmental responsibility. Our integrity is never compromised and we make a positive contribution to society.
Part I
Standard line chart Line chart with stacked data series Continued
6.5.6 Biological macromolecule structures from electron microscopy
Whenever you want to view or print a copy of the phone directory, choose Scripts Business Phone Directory or press the keyboard shortcut that FileMaker assigned to the script (as indicated in the Scripts menu). The report automatically pauses in Preview mode. If you want to view it onscreen, click the Book pages. Each page represents a different page of the report. If you d like to print the report, choose File Print while the preview is displayed. When you re done viewing or printing the report, click the Continue button. You ll automatically return to your previous layout, the database window will be resized, and any toolbars will be restored.
iLife 09 Portable Genius
As you would expect, JavaServer Pages use the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) standard. Dreamweaver includes six different drivers, along with an option for installing a custom driver, in its JDBC implementation. The six drivers included for the JDBC connection are as follows: n IBM DB 2 App Driver, for use with local DB2 applications n IBM DB 2 Net Driver n MySQL Driver n Sun JDBC-ODBC Driver n I-net Driver for SQL Server n Oracle Thin Driver Table 19-1 presents the syntax of each of these drivers. TABLE 19-1
Matrix Clocks
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