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T I P If you are just learning SQL programming, try to start with a basic query that you can understand and successfully execute. After that, introduce only one new step at a time and verify that each new component works before moving to the next. It s much easier to diagnose a problem when you know where it exists in the SQL query. Adding multiple components at one time can quickly lead to confusion and frustration for beginner-level SQL programmers.
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3. Select the Look for shared libraries check box if you want iTunes to show the songs
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One of the really nice features of the Flash support for CSS is that you can load an external CSS file. That means that you can define a single CSS file shared between your HTML and Flash documents. To load an external CSS file, use the load() method of the StyleSheet object into which you want the styles to be parsed. Then, as when loading any other kind of external content (using XML, LoadVars, and so on) you should define an onLoad() method that will automatically be called when Flash has loaded and parsed the CSS. Within the onLoad() method, you should
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6. At the back end of the object, draft an arc that snaps to the endpoints of the arcs that
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To quickly move from one found selection to another in the Document window, double-click an entry in the Search panel. Dreamweaver highlights the selection, scrolling the Document window, if necessary. Note, however, that the results listed in the Search panel may take you to the wrong location if you add or remove content in the document after you perform the search.
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Stage.scaleMode = noScale ; CrossReference See 22 for more information on the scaleMode property of the Stage object.
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Mutual Authentication
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Once you go beyond the statically created Google Maps examples and start working with more complicated sets of data, you must use XML as a method for exchanging information between your web server application and the Google Maps client-side application. All of this is achieved through JavaScript. JavaScript, in its base form, is a fairly limited language designed with some strict rules and goals in mind. Although it doesn t contain a specific interface for working with XML documents, JavaScript can use the Document Object Model (DOM) to work with XML (and HTML) documents. Technically, the DOM is not part of JavaScript, but JavaScript does
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Part I
When there are no sales, the data is simply missing from this summary. The slope calculated this way may be a bit different from the slope calculated on the pivoted data (for zip codes that have years with no customers). The following query calculates the intermediate values and slope:
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to preview two different browsers by pressing a function key. Press F12 to preview the current Dreamweaver page in your primary browser, and Ctrl+F12 (Command+F12) to preview the same page in your secondary browser. These are the primary and secondary browser settings you establish in the Preview In Browser Preferences panel, explained in 4. You can easily reassign your primary and secondary browsers. Go to the Preview In Browser Preferences category, select the desired browser, and select the appropriate checkbox to designate the browser as primary or secondary. In the list of browsers, you see the indicator of F12 or Ctrl+F12 (Command+F12) appear next to the browser s name.
Multimedia basically, the addition of audio and video to your Web pages is the secret of lots of the glitz and splash of Web sites. This chapter introduced you to the following concepts and topics: Sound can be added to your Web page as an optional feature just a link like any other link. The EMBED element can be used to add sound to any Web page regardless of which Web browser is used to access it. The volume you set for a Web page is a percentage of the normal volume your visitors have set for their own speakers. Professional musicians are waiting to provide you with the small amounts of music you need at worthwhile prices. Alternatively, prewritten music may suit your needs. Video can be added in almost the same manner as audio. Prewritten Java applets enable you to add nearly any kind of capability to your Web pages.
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