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Once you place an object into a library and, optionally, specify item information for the object, you can place copies of the library object into any document or into another library. To place a copy of a library object onto the currently displayed document page, click the object s icon in the library panel and drag it onto the page. As you drag, the outline of the library object appears. Release the mouse button when the outline is positioned where you want to place the object. You can also place a library object onto a document by clicking its icon and then choosing Place Item(s).
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Graphics Fundamentals
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One of several different conditional formatting dialog boxes.
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Although staring at the coefficients and statistics that describe a linear regression model may be interesting, probably the most important thing to do with a model is to apply it to new data. Because LINEST() produces coefficients for a line, it is simple enough to apply the model using the formula for a line:
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Summing the digits of an integer
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5.3 Unitary Symmetries
If you looked at the URLs above, you probably said Um, WAP What happened to WML In fact, it s critical to understand what differentiates the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and WML. The basic difference is that WML is like HTML; it s a markup language optimized for wireless devices, and it looks a lot like HTML. WAP, on the other hand, is like HTTP, the hypertext transport protocol. Its role is to ensure that information is successfully transmitted between the wireless device and the server. If you want to use the tired clich of the Information Superhighway, think of WAP as the high way itself, whereas WML is the car on the highway. You can also look at the regular Web that way: little HTML (and XHTML) cars zooming along on the HTTP highway. But I ll drop this metaphor before I miss the exit ramp!
The EPS Options dialog box allows you to specify how EPS files are saved.
This approach isn t the best for a couple of reasons. First, the formula is overly complex and difficult to understand. Second, the values are hard-coded into the formula, making the formula difficult to modify if the commission structure changes. A better solution is to use a lookup table function to compute the commissions; for example:
A wealth of document information is available for the taking if you know where to find it, and not only document information but also other, related information, such as the current tool being used and how efficiently Photoshop is carrying out an allotted task. So where do you find this buried treasure Fortunately, no complicated treasure maps are required. The information is yours for the taking by clicking the triangle in the status bar and then choosing an item from the Show submenu (Figure 2-14). Here s a quick rundown of the menu items: Current Tool Indicates the name of the currently active tool. Document Dimensions Indicates the dimensions, displayed in the currently selected ruler units. Document Profile Indicates the name of the profile describing the document s current color space probably the most useful information to display on a regular basis. Document Sizes The figure on the left indicates the current size of the file on disk. The figure on the right indicates the estimated size based on the current state of the document, including layers, alpha channels, and so forth, and saved in PSD format.
As you re aware by now, Illustrator is primarily a vector-based graphics application. Quite simply put, Illustrator is able to handle vector images with far more adeptness than it can raster (or bitmap) images. To most people, however, the format of an image is far less important than how that image appears. Sometimes, only a bitmap will do the job. For example, digital photos are always bitmap images never vector images. If you need to use a digital photo in your Illustrator document, you have to import it as a bitmap image. Even though you have to import digital photos as bitmap images, you may not have to leave them in that format inside of Illustrator. There are many instances where a vector-based representation of the photo is just what you need. Consider the example shown in Figure 13.1. The image on the left is a digital photo, and on the right is the result of using the Live Trace tool to convert the image into a drawing that looks like a hand-drawn sketch. If you create an image to use for a logo for a Web site that advertises a pet-sitting business, the hand-drawn sketch appearance may well serve your needs better than the digital photo.
You can also change a layer s name (in the second column of the Layers panel). Just doubleclick the current layer name in the inspector; the name is highlighted. Type in the new name and press Enter (Return) to complete the change. You can alter the z-index (stacking order) in the third column in the same manner. Doubleclick the z-index value; and then type in the new value and press Enter (Return). You can enter any positive or negative integer. If you re working with the Netscape proprietary layer tags, you can also alter the above or below values previously set for the z-index through the Property inspector. Use A for above and B for below.
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