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Before you begin to add complex interactivity to your Flash movie, you need to break down the steps in the interactive process in a natural language that you can understand. After you know what you want your presentation to do, you can start to clarify the interactive steps, and translate those steps into Flash-compatible actions. You can add Flash ActionScript to your Flash movie with the Actions Panel. The Actions Panel operates in two modes: Normal and Expert. If you want to see the options of each action in fields and drop-down menus, then add actions with Normal Mode. If you want the most flexibility with editing your code, then use Expert Mode. Variables are a programming device that enable you to store property values, strings, paths, or expressions in order to reduce the redundancy of code and to simplify the process of computing information. Variables can be declared with actions, Input or Dynamic Text fields, or by loading them from an external data source, such as a CGI script, text document, or HTML query. Expressions are equations that refer to a mathematical operation, a string concatenation, or an existing code object (another variable or object value). You can use if/else if/else actions to add intelligence to your interactive actions. These actions test a condition and execute a certain set of actions if the condition is true. Loop actions execute a given set of actions repeatedly until a loop condition is no longer true. You can debug your ActionScript code with the new Debugger Panel, the Output window, or your own debugging interfaces (for example, temporary text fields that display Flash ActionScript data).
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Computer monitors display color by using a method called RGB color. A monitor screen is a tightly packed array of pixels arranged in a grid, where each pixel has an address. For example, a pixel that s located 16 rowsdown from the top and 70 columns over from the left might have an address of 70,16. The computer uses such an address to send a specific color to each pixel. Because each pixel is composed of a single red, green, and blue dot, the colors that the monitor displays can be mixed at each pixel by varying the individual intensities of the red, green, and blue color dots. Each individual dot can vary in intensity over a range of 256 values: starting with 0 (which is off) to a maximum value of 255 (which is on). Thus, if red is half-on (a value of 127), while green is off (a value of 0), and blue is fully on (a value of 255), the pixel appears reddish-blue. This is the description for unlimited, full color, which is sometimes referred to as 24-bit color. However, many computer systems are still incapable of displaying full color. Limited color displays are either 16-bit or 8-bit displays. Although a full discussion of bit-depth is beyond the scope of this book, it is important to note several points. barcode reader free
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Part I V Putting FileMaker Pro to Work
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5 Getting Online: Configuring Your PSP for Networking qr code reader
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-- b a r r g b o u t p u t b a r - r g b <= 0 1 0 ; - - g r e e n -- new b a r y - p o s i t i o n process (bar-y-reg ,bar-y-b, bar-y-t , r e f r - t i c k , b t n )
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Computer databases, on the other hand, offer the following benefits:
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argument is 1) Notice that range references in a SERIES formula always include the worksheet name, and the range references are always absolute references. An absolute reference, as you may know, uses a dollar sign before the row and column part of the reference. If you edit a SERIES formula and remove the sheet name or make the cell references relative, Excel will override these changes.
10 Video Hacks
Figure 8.50. A sector of a conical array with 700 dipole elements [Munger et al. 1974].
The hspace attribute sets both right and left spacing simultaneously, and the vspace attribute does the same for both top and bottom spacing. You cannot independently set the left margin to a different value than the right margin or the top margin to a different value than the bottom one.
Install Flash Player 10 Plugin.exe. The plug-in version for Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. Install Flash Player 10ActiveX.exe. The ActiveX control for Internet Explorer. FlashPlayer.exe. The stand-alone player (does not require installation just run it!).
Working with Dates and Times
You can apply gradients only to the fills of paths, not to strokes or text objects. You can t use gradients in patterns either.
Table 2-9 Frames Panel Options Menu Commands
I ve see thousands of Excel workbooks over the years. A good proportion of them can best be described as ugly. You can find lots of exceptions, but numbers people generally aren t very good with graphic design. Worksheets with gaudy colors and unreadable blue-on-green text are common. Excel has always supported named styles, which can be applied to cells and ranges. Excel 2007 brings this feature to the forefront by providing a good assortment of predefined styles, easily accessible by choosing Home Styles Cell Styles. With the introduction of document themes, Excel 2007 makes it easy to create good-looking worksheets. A theme consists of a color palette, font set, and effects. You now have one-click access to a gallery of professionally-designed themes that can dramatically change the look of your entire spreadsheet almost always for the better. Access the theme gallery by choosing Page Layout Themes Themes. And yes. You can still create ugly Excel documents if you try hard enough.
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