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when the patient must be physically moved between independent PET and CT units. However, due to differences in breathing patterns between CT, where breath holding is desirable, and PET imaging, where breath holding is not possible, misalignment, particularly
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Saving your work is very important in any computer-related task, and Dreamweaver is no exception. To initially save the current file, choose File Save or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S (Command+S). The Save dialog box opens; you can enter a filename and, if you wish, a different path. By default, all HTML files are saved with an .htm filename extension. Different file formats are saved with different extensions; XML documents, for example, are stored with an .xml extension. To save your file with another extension, such as .shtml or .xhtml, change the Save as Type option to the specific file type and then enter your full filename with the extension.
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43 describes issues that arise in incorporating Web services into enterprise computing. In addition to these enterprise applications, the concept of e-Utility has emerged to summarize X-on-demand : computing-on-demand, storage-on-demand, networking-on-demand, information-on-demand and so on. This generalizes the familiar concept of Application Service Providers (ASPs). Some clear examples today of computing-on-demand come from systems like Condor and Entropia (s 11 and 12). The use of Grid technologies to support e-Utility can be merged with those of autonomic computing ( 13 and Section 1.6.1) in a new generation of commercial systems. Other interesting commercial Grid activities include the Sun Grid Engine [32] and Platform Computing [34] implementing resource management and scheduling opportunities similar to those addressed by Condor in 11. The growing partnership between the commercial sector and the academic community in the design and development of Grid technologies is likely to bear fruit in two important ways: as a vehicle for a new generation of scienti c advances and as a vehicle for a new generation of successful commercial products.
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Excel displays its Add-Ins dialog box, shown in Figure 45.1. The list box contains all the add-ins that Excel knows about. Those checked are currently open. You can open and close add-ins from this dialog box by selecting or deselecting the check boxes. FIGURE 45.1
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Much like the Apache installation process, MySQL has a Windows installer that makes the entire process much easier. The installer guides you through the process of installing the core database and any additional components you need. For this setup, the default installation is used, but feel free to customize, which is a very good way to learn.
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(b) In the case of cryopreserved CB-MNCs, thawed cells can be used for culture with no further separation steps. (c) Seed the MNCs at a density of 5 7 106 cells/mL in 25-cm2 culture asks in starting culture medium. (d) Incubate the cells in a humidi ed atmosphere at 37 C with 5% CO2 and change medium and cytokines weekly for 2 4 weeks. (e) After formation of USSC colonies, expand the cells in the expansion culture medium. (f) Incubate the cells at 37 C in 5% CO2 in a humidi ed atmosphere. (g) On reaching 80% con uence, detach USSCs with 0.05% trypsin/EDTA and replate cells at 1:3 dilution under similar culture conditions.
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Figure 15-25: The Fireworks installer detects that FrontPage is installed and asks whether or not you wish to install the FrontPage integration.
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If you use a mix of CS4, CS3, and CS2 applications, set the same color settings in Bridge CS4, Bridge CS3, and Bridge CS2 so that all your applications have the same defaults. The CS2 and CS3 applications have the same color setting options (and user interface) as CS4 applications, making this easy to do.
2 Hacking the Work Area
Option Current Region
the active window of the Application object. This can be a range, a chart, a shape, or some other selectable object. It s important to understand that properties can return objects. In fact, that s exactly what the preceding examples do. The result of Application.ActiveChart, for example, is a Chart object. Therefore, you can access properties by using a statement such as the following:
(3.5 - 14) (3.5-15) (3.5- 16)
7.3 When you create a song project, GarageBand looks something like this.The track or tracks depends on the instrument or feature you chose in the New Project from Template dialog box.
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