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Part V Flash Memory Hacks
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Figure 29-3 shows the result of this XSL transformations.
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The linear a-model is greatly simplified if we retain only tree diagrams for the T and (T fields. Keeping only tree diagrams in a field theory is often termed the classical approximation, since one can show formally that tree diagrams r e p resent lowest order contributions in h, with loop diagrams contributing higher orders (Exercise 12.5). Therefore we treat the n and a fields as classical, phenomenological objects, solving the model with a meson potential energy
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CDs contain music files in an uncompressed format designed for use on CDs. To copy the songs from CDs to your Mac, you use an encoder to convert the files to a format suitable for computers. iTunes comes with five encoders, so you can pick the one that s right for your needs. For some of these encoders, you can also adjust the quality setting, or bitrate, which also affects the file size. iTunes comes set to import songs from CD using the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) encoder at the 128 Kbps bitrate. This is good for general-purpose recording with modest file sizes, but if you want high audio quality, either choose the Higher Quality (256 Kbps) setting, or use the Custom dialog box to set the highest available bitrate, 320 Kbps. If you use a Mac and an iPod or iPhone, AAC is usually the best format to choose. iTunes, iPods, and iPhones can play AAC files, but most other hardware and software players can t. If you need to play your song files on other players, use the MP3 format instead. MP3 has lower quality than AAC at the same bitrate, so choose at least the Higher Quality (192 Kbps) bitrate for MP3. For best results, use the Custom dialog box to set the highest available bitrate, 320 Kbps. If you have lots of hard disk space on your Mac and want superior audio quality, try the Apple Lossless Encoding encoder. Lossless means that, unlike the AAC and MP3 encoders, Apple Lossless Encoding does not discard any of the data contained in the original music so the song file should be perfect. Apple Lossless Encoding files take up much more space than AAC and MP3 files, so they re not great for iPods and the iPhone. In fact, the iPod shuffle can t even play Apple Lossless Encoding files. Your last two choices of encoder are WAV and AIFF. These are essentially the same thing: uncompressed audio data, but with different instructions at the beginning of the file. WAV and AIFF both give perfect audio quality but lack the tag information that portable music players need; besides, WAV and AIFF files are so large that few will fit on any but the most capacious portable players.
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Developing Real-World Applications
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There are two elements here, both in separate functions. The citylist() function uses a SQL statement to select a list of distinct cities from the database. The other function, getmarkers(), returns the list of restaurants. This function is based on the earlier example, only the SQL statement that selects the list of cities now requests only restaurants that are located within a specific city.
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2. Select the form element that contains the requested username from the Username Field list. If a form element is called USERNAME, Dreamweaver automatically selects that entry. 3. In the If Already Exists, Go To field, enter the path to the file you want a user to see if the name the user requests is already stored in the data source. You can also click Browse to locate the file. 4. Click OK when you re finished.
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24: Workgroup Editing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 573
d ( t )= i w J ( t ) .
Old Dominion William & Mary VCU
Dealing with sidebar backgrounds
Part II
I want to have a set of random numbers generated and not have to worry about their values constantly changing.
Excel provides hyperlink facilities in two forms that shouldn t be confused with one another:
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