L e g a l and P r i v a c y Issues: 1999-2004
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Filtering Data
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x. Leseberg, D. and C. Frere (1988). Computer-Generated Holograms of 3-D Objects Composed of Tilted Planar Segments, Applied Optics, 27, 14, pp. 3020-3024. xi. Underkoffler, J. S. (1988). Development of Parallel Processing Algorithms for Real-Time Computed Holography, SB Thesis, Department of Electric Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. xii. Underkoffler, J. S. (1991). Toward Accurate Computation of Optically Reconstructed Holograms, SM Thesis, Media Arts and Sciences Section, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. xiii. Lucente, M. (1993). Interactive Computation of Holograms Using a Look-Up Table , J . Electron. Imaging, 2, 1, pp. 28-34. xiv. Benton, S. A. (1983). Survey of Holographic Stereograms, Proc. SPIE Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data, 367, pp. 15-19. xv. Halle, M. W., S. A. Benton, M. A. Klug, and J. S. Underkoffler (1991). The Ultragram: a Generalized Holographic Stereogram, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography V , 1461, pp. 142-155. xvi. Lucente, M. and T. Galyean (1995). Rendering Interactive Holographic Images, Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH 95, pp. 387-394. xvii. Lucente, M. (1996a). Computational Holographic Bandwidth Compression, IBMSystems Journal, 35, pp. 349-365. xviii. Yoshikawa, H., S. Iwase, and T. Oneda (2000). Fast Computation of Fresnel Holograms Employing Difference, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography XIV and Holographic Materials VI, 3956, pp. 331-335. xix. Plesniak, W. (2003). Incremental Update of Computer Generated Holograms, Journal of Optical Engineering, 42,6, pp. 1560-1571. xx. Pappu. R. S. (1996). Nonuniformly Sampled Computer-Generated Holograms, Optical Engineering, 35,6, pp. 1538-1544. xxi. Pappu, R. S. (1995). Minimum Information Holograms, S.M. Thesis, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cambridge MA. xxii. Lucente, M. (1996b). Holographic Bandwidth Compression Using Spatial Subsampling, Optical Engineering, 35,6, pp. 1529-1537. xxiii. Lucente, M. (1994). Diffraction-Specific Fringe Computation for ElectroHolography, Ph.D Thesis, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. xxiv. Cameron, C. D., D. A. Payne, M. Stanley, and C. W. Slinger (2000). Computational Challenges of Emerging Novel True 3D Holographic Displays, Proc. SPIE Critical Technologies for the Future of Computing, 4109, pp. 129-140. xxv. Yoshikawa, H. and H. Kameyama (1995). Integral Holography, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography IX, 2406, pp. 226-234. xxvi. Pappu, R. and W. J. Plesniak (1998). Haptic Interaction with Holographic Video Images, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography XII, 3293, pp. 38-45. xxvii. Plesniak, W. J., R. S. Pappu, and S. A. Benton (2003). Haptic Holography: a Primitive Computational Plastic, Proc. ofthe IEEE, 91,9, pp. 1443-1456. xxviii. Slinger, C. W., R. W. Bannister, C. D. Cameron, S. D. Coomber, I. Cresswell, P. M. Hallett, J. R. Hughes, V. Hui, J. C. Jones, R. Miller, V. Minter, D. A. Payne, D. C. Scattergood, D. T. Sheering, M. A. Smith, and M. Stanley (2001). Progress and Prospects for Practical Electroholographic Display Systems, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography XV and Holographic Materials VII, 4296, pp. 18-32. xxix. Slinger, C. W., C. D. Cameron, S. D. Coomber, R. J. Miller, D. A. Payne, A. P. Smith, M. G. Smith, M. Stanley, and P. J. Watson (2004). Recent Developments in Computer-Generated Holography: Toward a Practical Electroholography System for Interactive 3D Visualization, Proc. SPIE Practical Holography XVIII, 5290, pp. 27-41. xxx. Slinger, C. W., C. Cameron, and M. Stanley (2005). Computer-Generated Holography as a Generic Display Technology, IEEE Computer, 38, 8, pp. 46-53.
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Figure 6-36: Control+clicking/right-clicking a field displays this pop-up menu.
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FIGURE 11.20 The pattern inside the arrow has been scaled and sheared.
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Figure 16-21: Range B7:C9 contains data point information that s displayed in the text box on the chart.
Dreamweaver gives you access to a couple of special-use list types: menu lists and directory lists. When the tags for these lists <menu> and <dir>, respectively were included in the HTML 2.0 specification, they were intended to offer several ways to present lists of short items. Unfortunately, browsers tend to render both tags as unordered lists. You can use Cascading Style Sheets to restyle these built-in tags for use in 4.0 and later browsers.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN >
Tip You can change the name of the automatically added editable region by selecting the template region tab or its tag in the Tag Selector and then changing the name in the Property inspector.
Using Illustrator to Organize Objects
The proceedings from the NTSB symposium can be viewed in their entirety at: h ttp:llww w. tsb.govleventslsymp-reclsym p-rec. h tm. n Kowalick, T. M. June, 1999.Perceptions of College Students Regarding Utilization of Transportation Recorders in the Highway Mode, Sandhills Community College, Pinehurst, NC, 651 pgs. Available at uslresearchlrecorders.pdf. Kullgren,A. 1999. Crash-Pulse Recorders in Real-Life Accidents: Influence of Change of Velocity and Mean and Peak Acceleration on Injury Risk in Frontal Impacts. Folksam Research Foundation, Stockholm (Sweden)Karolinska Hospital, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Stockholm (Sweden)8 pp. Crash Prevention and Injury Control,Vol. 1, No. 2, OCt 1999,pp. 113-120. UMTRI-61230. Kullgren, A. 1999. (FolksamRes, Sweden, Sweden Thompson, R. (ChalmersUniv Technol, and Sweden Krafft, T. M. (Folksam Res. The Effect of Crash Pulse Shape on AISl Neck Injuries in Frontal Impacts. Proceedings of the 1999 ZRCOBI Conference on the Biomechanics of Impact, September 23-24,1999, Sitges, Spain. 1999. pp231-42: 18 Refs.
Part III: Mastering Illustrator
Part V Mastering FileMaker Pro
TextArea components share several similarities to TextInput components. You can get and set the text value of a TextArea instance with the text property in the same way as with a TextInput instance. You can also make a TextArea instance editable or not by using the editable property. You can set the allowable and disallowable characters for a TextArea using the restrict property, and set a TextArea instance to password mode with the password property, just as with a TextInput instance.
To give an object the illusion of perspective, follow these steps: 1. Select the object you want to modify. 2. Choose the Skew tool from the Tools panel, or press the keyboard shortcut, Q, twice. 3. Choose the direction of perspective: To make the object appear as if it is along a left wall, vertically drag the top- or bottom-left corner away from the object. To make the object appear as if it is along a right wall, vertically drag the top- or bottom-right corner away from the object. To make the object appear as if it is on the floor, horizontally drag the bottom-left or -right corner away from the object. To make the object appear as if it is on the ceiling, horizontally drag the top-left or -right corner away from the object. 4. To intensify the perspective, repeat Step 3 with the opposite corner, dragging in the opposite direction. For example, in Figure 9-8, I dragged the bottomright corner away from the object and the bottom-left corner into the object to exaggerate the effect.
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