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Designing and Crafting Core Pages
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With a typical speci c gravity ( ) equal to unity, a melt heat capacity Cp of 0.5 cal/g C, and 10% ef ciency (E): T( C)
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In Flash 5 and in Flash MX, you can swap a symbol with another symbol from a library, which is a big improvement over just being able to update bitmapped graphics. (You can still update bitmapped graphics, too, even from the stage.) If you click on an instance and swap in a new symbol, the new symbol will only replace that instance (7.33). To globally replace a symbol throughout a movie, simply drag a new symbol with the same name into the Library and click Replace when the program asks you to resolve the conflict between the new and the old symbol. You can use the technique of swapping symbols to share a library on a network so that all artists are working with the same version of artwork. However, at this time, a shared library can only be opened by one person at a time. Flash MX also has a feature that allows you to share library assets at runtime via the Web, but for video output, only sharing libraries at author time is applicable.
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The Pathfinder panel has five iconic buttons in the Pathfinder section for pathfinding tasks, nine for shape conversion, and four for joining, opening, closing, and reversing paths.
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If you want the Web Viewer to be functional in Find mode, select the Display Content in Find Mode check box at the bottom of the Web Viewer Setup dialog.
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In some cases, you might want to monitor the progress of loading XML. The getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal() methods return the loaded and total bytes for the loading XML data. You can use setInterval() to set up a polling system that continually checks to see what the progress is. For example:
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your most recent photos, click the Last Import item in the Source list.
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1 C C C C A
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The getTokens() function is often used in the inspectBehavior() function because it does such a good job of parsing a string. A token is a group of text characters that does not contain any of the specified separators. Generally, the separators in a function are the parentheses that surround the arguments and the commas that separate them. The getTokens() function takes two arguments the string to be parsed and the separators and puts the results in an array. For example, note the following string:
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ou can configure the Polygon tool and the Polygon Frame tool to create either regular polygons or starburst shapes. Double-click either of the Polygon tools to display the Polygon Settings dialog box, shown below. The value in the Number of Sides field determines how many sides your polygons have. If you want to create a starburst shape, specify a value in the Star Inset field. As you increase the percentage value, the spikes become longer and pointier. When you change the values in the Polygon Settings dialog box, the new values are used for both versions of the polygon tool.
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9: Custom Architecture
Becoming a credit card merchant Working with paper drafts E-cash and your store
Listing 3-5 (continued)
Figure 11-14: Setting the transparency of the Tracing Image to a setting such as 50 percent can help you differentiate between it and the content layers you are positioning.
6. Type a name for the VPN connection in the Service Name. This name is for your benefit,
Selection Tools
In this chapter, you went through the steps necessary to install the complete development system. This process included the installation of Apache, PHP, and MySQL on a Windows or UNIX Web server. The next chapter walks you through the process of making this development setup more secure. This includes securing the files on the server as well as the overall server configuration through the httpd.conf configuration file.
Fig. 4-34. rf ion thruster discharge loss versus mass utilization efficiency for three values of the induced magnetic field in the discharge chamber.
Understanding Selectors
R(z) = z3 + aV + a6z + a2
SDCCH capacity 14000 Number of calls per hour 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 4 8 12 16 20 Number of SDCCH channels 0.2% blocking 1% blocking 2% blocking
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