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14 Hacking Camera Raw
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FIGURE 15-2: Bochs loading Linux on the PSP
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package { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.*; import flash.net.*; public class BookSearch extends MovieClip { public var webServiceURL:String; private var bookItems:Array; private var bookItemsContainer:MovieClip; public function BookSearch() {} public function searchHandler(e:MouseEvent):void {}
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Navigating with a Jump Menu
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2 A Dreamweaver Workflow Example
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Figure 13.15. Feedback control system diagram
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A report is a printed, a PDF, or an onscreen copy of a selected group of records sorted in a specific order, arranged in a way that provides information that viewing individual records does not (and cannot). The process of preparing a report typically includes selecting or designing an appropriate layout, selecting records to include by using Find mode commands, arranging the records in a meaningful fashion with the Sort command, and then displaying the report onscreen with Preview mode or printing it with the Print command. Before committing a lengthy report to paper, examining it in Preview mode is a good idea. Because Preview mode shows exactly what a report will look like when printed, you can quickly identify problems such as field data that s being truncated, header information that s improperly aligned, and so forth. Many reports can be created almost entirely with the New Layout/Report Assistant.
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4 Taking Apart Your PSP
These functions format and print their arguments as UTF text. Print writes text to the standard output. Fprint writes to the named output file descriptor. Sprint places text in a string, which it returns. Print and fprint return the number of bytes transmitted or a negative value if an error was encountered when writing the output. Each of these functions converts, formats, and prints its trailing arguments under control of a format string. The format contains two types of objects: plain characters, which are simply copied to the output stream, and conversion specifications, each of which results in fetching of zero or more arguments. The Limbo compiler recognizes calls to these functions and checks that the arguments match the format specifications in number and type. Each conversion specification has the following format: % [flags] verb The verb is a single character and each flag is a single character or a (decimal) numeric string. Up to two numeric strings may be used; the first is called fl, the second f2. They can be separated by '.', and if one is present, then fl and f2 are taken to be zero if missing, otherwise they are considered 'omitted'. Either or both of the numbers may be replaced with the character *, meaning that the actual number will be obtained from the argument list as an integer. The flags and numbers are arguments to the verb described below.
5. Now that we have masked out the sky, we don t need the Levels effect anymore. Turn off the Levels adjustment layer, or delete it. 6. Before we save this image as a PNG-24 file, we should crop all unnecessary information from the image. In this example, the masked sky should be nearly eliminated. See Figure 30-4.
10.5.4 Significance of the Structure Functions
Like the pop() method, the shift() method removes and returns an element from the array, but instead of removing the element from the end of the array, the shift() method removes the element from the beginning of the array. All subsequent elements are shifted such that their indices are decremented by one. The following is an example of the shift() method:
By and large, the editing features of Dreamweaver are similar to other modern word processing programs with one or two Web-oriented twists. Like other programs, Dreamweaver has Cut, Copy, and Paste options, as well as Undo and Redo commands. The twists come from the relationship between the Design and Code views of the Document window, which give Dreamweaver special functionality for copying and pasting text and code. You learn how that works in the following sections.
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Part IV
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