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Incorporating Dynamic Data
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Table 21-10 Recommended Head Thickness {mm} for Nozzle-Mounted Mixers Mixer Torque {N m} 300 400 900 900 700 700 600 800 000 000 000 000 000 DIN Nozzle Size {mm} 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 500 600 600 750 750 Vessel Diameter {mm} 1400 6 8 8 8 8 12 2000 6 8 12 8 12 16 16 12 2800 8 10 14 12 14 16 16 16 16 16 16 3600 8 10 14 14 16 20 16 20 18 20 20 20 28 4600 8 12 16 16 20 25 20 25 25 25 25 25 32
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Creation of turbulence in pulp suspensions is needed to disperse ber aggregates and to augment mass transfer within the suspension. Disruption of the ber network requires considerable energy, and the bers themselves modify the turbulence within the suspension. Experimental measurements for pulp suspensions have been limited to suspensions at low concentration due to interference between the bers and invasive probes, or due to attenuation of optical signals by suspension opacity. Most studies have concluded that bers suppress turbulence within the suspension, although some have reported turbulence enhancement. The studies indicate complex interaction between the bers, ber ocs, and the ow (Bennington and Mmbaga, 1996). Mixing-sensitive chemical reactions have been used to probe liquid-phase turbulence within pulp suspensions (Bennington and Bourne, 1990; Bennington and Thangavel, 1993; Bennington and Mmbaga, 2001). As with previous studies, pulp bers were found to attenuate liquid-phase turbulence under most mixing conditions. This was attributed to dissipation of energy by friction at ber ber contact points. Under certain conditions, the local energy dissipation was slightly increased, probably due to local redistribution of energy within the mixer. Mapping this dissipation in a typical high-shear mixer showed modi cation of its distribution throughout the vessel volume when compared with water (Figure 20-9). However, the liquid-phase energy dissipation decreased exponentially with increasing suspension concentration.
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7 Building a Simple Feed Producer
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For simplicity and exibility, PDP uses straightforward XML representations for messages, as depicted in Figure 19.16. Without loss of generality, example query expressions (e.g. user query, merge query, and neighbor selection query) are given in the XQuery language [23]. Other query languages such as XPath, SQL, LDAP [45] or subscription interest statements could also be used. Indeed, the messages and network interactions required to support ef cient P2P publish-subscribe and event trigger systems do not differ at all from the ones presented earlier. PDP has a number of key properties. It is applicable to any node topology (e.g. centralized, distributed or P2P and to multiple P2P response modes (routed response and direct response, both with and without metadata modes). To support loosely coupled autonomous Internet infrastructures, the model is connection-oriented (ordered, reliable, congestion sensitive) and message-oriented (loosely coupled, operating on structured data). For ef ciency, it is stateful at the protocol level, with a transaction consisting of one or more discrete message exchanges related to the same query. It allows for low latency, pipelining, early and/or partial result set retrieval due to synchronous pull, and result set delivery in one or more variable-sized batches. It is ef cient, because of asynchronous push with delivery of multiple results per batch. It provides for resource consumption and ow control on a per query basis, due to the use of a distinct channel per transaction. It is scalable, because of application multiplexing, which allows for very high query concurrency and very low latency, even in the presence of secure TCP connections. To encourage interoperability and extensibility it is fully based on the BEEP [33] Internet
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There are Web sites specifically formatted for the screen size and capabilities of the PSP. If you can t find a PSP-formatted Web site, try a mobile version of the Web site to save page load time. The PSP s Web browser is perfectly capable of viewing most any site on the Internet.
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3.7.3. Neurospheres Protocol 3.5. Derivation of Neurospheres from Human ES Cells
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Welcome to InDesign
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Figure 30-10: Only certain reports, like Design Notes, offer additional Report Settings.
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the name that the first region had.
Choosing Edit Paste in Front or pressing Ctrl+F ( +F) pastes any objects you have on the Clipboard in front of any selected objects or at the top of the current layer if no objects are selected. Choosing Edit Paste in Back or pressing Ctrl+B ( +B) pastes any objects on the Clipboard behind any selected objects or at the bottom of the current layer if no objects are selected. When you paste an object in front or behind, you re also pasting the attributes of that object (such as the stroke and fill). In addition, both Paste in Front and Paste in Back paste objects in the same location as the copied object, even from document to document. If the documents are different sizes, Illustrator pastes them in the same location relative to the center of each document. If the Clipboard is empty or if type selected with a Type tool is on the Clipboard, these options aren t available.
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<a href= soups/mystery.html >Mystery Soup</a>
Alternatively, you can drag the Insert Flash button to the proper place on the page. In either case, the Select File dialog box appears. Windows users choose the Select File Name From Data Sources option at the top of the page. Macintosh users select the Data Sources button found just below the URL field. Expand the data source to locate and select the desired field with the Flash movie filenames. If your Flash data (the paths to the movies) contains spaces, tildes, or other nonstandard characters, the data must be encoded to be read properly by the server. From the Format List, select Encode Server.HTMLEncode (ASP); Encode HTMLEncodedFormat (.NET); Encode URLEncoded Format (ColdFusion); or Encode Response.EncodeURL (JSP). If your data is stored as filenames only, enter any required path in the URL field before the existing code. You can also link any Flash attributes to a dynamic source by clicking the Parameters button to open the Parameters dialog box, entering a dynamic value by clicking the lightning bolt symbol under the Name or Value column, and choosing an appropriate data source from the Dynamic Data dialog box. Click OK when you re finished.
Introduction xxxi
Summary fields produce live statistics reflecting the current state of data in your solution and this is both their strength and, potentially, their weakness, depending on how you choose to use them. When data sets are relatively small (a few hundred records or less), recalculating complex
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