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22 Crafting Multiple-Page Applications
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var oMetrics:Object = tfFormatter.getTextExtent( Some text , 10);
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They decompose with ease to transfer oxygen to the double bond. cx-Hydroperoxy ethers, amines, ketones, acids, and acid derivatives with the general formula 27 have properties comparable to those of organic peracids 38,240,241
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Use the Selection, All Pages, or Range radio buttons to determine what is exported. If Selection is selected, only selected objects are exported. Note that if you enter page numbers in the Range field, such as 1-4, 7, the Range radio button is automatically selected.
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after Earth was struck by another planet about the size of Mars. Bombardment diminished perhaps by 4.2 4.0 109 years ago. The scale of geologic time, from planet formation to the present, is shown in Figure 2.2. The in uence of ancient atmospheres upon surface conditions was critical. Abundances of greenhouse and other gases (especially CO2, NH3, H2O, CO, CH4, HCN, N2) were probably highly dynamic. In combination with variations in solar radiation, atmospheric conditions may have contributed to periods of high surface temperatures (~100 C) that perhaps alternated with low-temperature (glaciated) periods. Clearly, conditions on prebiotic Earth were turbulent characterized by uctuating temperatures, aqueous reactions with magma, input of materials from meteorites (including organic carbon), electrical discharges from the atmosphere, and reduced (nonoxidizing) gases in the atmosphere.
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Graphics Fundamentals
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= 2327 Since this is within the Newton s law limits, we accept the velocity calculated. Repeating the calculations for the 1000 m particle size yields the following results: 1. For the Stokes law (laminar) regime, Rep < 0.3: Vt = 0.608 m/s Rep = 806 The particle Reynolds number is outside the Stokes law limits; therefore, we discard the settling velocity calculated. 2. For the Newton s law (turbulent) regime, 1000 < Rep < 35 104 : Vt = 0.157 m/s Rep = 208 The particle Reynolds number is outside the Newton law limits, therefore, we discard the settling velocity calculated. 3. For the intermediate law regime, 0.3 < Rep < 1000: Vt = 0.107 m/s or 19.3 ft/min Rep = 141.6 Since the particle Reynolds number is within the intermediate law limits, we accept the velocity calculated.
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2 A Dreamweaver Workflow Example
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University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Using our previous example, a Movie Clip instance named dog on the Main Timeline (or _root) would have an absolute path of:
You can also use the :before and :after pseudo-elements to help automate quotation marks, as outlined in the next section.
In many ways, the research, development and deployment of large-scale Grids are just beginning. Both the major application drivers and Grid technology itself will greatly
Shutter AF
4. Save your changes. 5. Restart the application server.
N Bring to Front: Brings the object to the top of the stack. N Send to Back: Sends the object to the bottom of the stack. N Bring Forward: Brings the object one step higher toward the top of the
o far, you ve learned how to work with various HTML tags, how to fine-tune presentation using CSS, and that Web browsers are quite forgiving about the occasional incorrect tag usage. If you add a wrong attribute, misspell a tag, or forget to close a list element, the browser does its best to fix your error without complaining. However, don t conclude that you can lapse into sloppy coding habits!
Security Profile Data Access Layer
Command Shortcut
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