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Holding down the Shift key while drawing with the Line tool draws perfectly horizontal or vertical lines only. Many drawing tools take advantage of the Shift modifier to make drawing common shapes more convenient.
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n Set the starting opacity percentage in the Shrink From field. n Set the ending opacity percentage in the Shrink To field. n Choose the desired direction (Center or Top Left Corner) from the Shrink To list.
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Result No alignment is specified. The table aligns to the browser s default, usually left, with no text wrapping. Aligns the table to the left side of the browser window and wraps text around the right side. Aligns the table to the right side of the browser window and wraps text around the left side. The table aligns with the center of the browser window. Text does not wrap around either side. Note: This alignment option works only with 4.0 and later browsers.
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Many designers prefer to create elaborate horizontal rules; in fact, custom rules are an active area of clip art design. These types of horizontal rules are regular graphics and are inserted and modified as such.
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Extending Dreamweaver
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fieldSeparator:String. A string value to separate other values included in a logging message; defaults to a single space character. includeCategory:Boolean. Indicates whether to include the logging message s category in the logging message.
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Figure 8.12 Ribozyme. Hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by ribozyme that consists of an enzyme E strand and a substrate S strand. Hydrolysis takes place below a cytidine nucleotide, converting S into two product strands P1 and P2 that dissociate from the E strand.
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Next, take a look at Listing 9-13 for some example template code to work these related links into your blog theme templates.
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My colleague and friend of 46 years, Dr. Roy L. Adler, recently retired from the Mathematical Sciences Department of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, New York), who read chapters and provided me with considerable material on the cryptographic work at IBM. My colleague and friend of 36 years, Dr. Raymond Pickholtz, Professor Emeritus at George Washington University, who visited UCSB several times, read all of the chapters and provided advice. Mr. I. Benjamin Blady and Mrs. Sara Beth Mitchell, who were kind enough to edit 19 on Patents in Cryptography. My son Keith, who helped me with graphics; together with my son Jay, he simpli ed my transition from MAC to PC; and my son Seth, who read early chapters and wisely urged me to moderate my wit.
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After you add one or more faces, you can manage them from the Faces corkboard (see figure 3.6). To display the corkboard, just click the Faces item in the Source pane.
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Chart Type Charting Component Series Class Characteristics
Most Illustrator users take many preferences for granted. But if Illustrator didn t remember certain preferences, most Illustrator users would be quite annoyed. Panels (including the Tools panel) remain where they were when you last used Illustrator. Illustrator remembers their size and whether they were open. Values in the Tools panel are still whatever you set them to the last time you used a specific tool. For example, the options in the Paintbrush/Eyedropper dialog box remain the same between Illustrator sessions.
Mane eld et al., 2002
you can delete all the width and height values from a table with the click of a button. The Table Property inspector centralizes many of these options in Dreamweaver.
Digital Audio Fundamentals
where r is the distance from the axis and B,, is the peak axial rf magnetic field from Eq. (4.5-1). A finite electric field is generated spatially off axis inside the thruster. The induced electric field exists in one direction (zk6 direction) for roughly half a period, which for a 1-MHz frequency is 0.5 microseconds. The electrons, however, don t see the oscillating component of the electric field because they transit the interaction region close to the antenna in a time much less than this value. For example, a 5-eV electron will travel a distance of about 1 meter in 1 microsecond, and so can traverse the electric field region many times within a half cycle. Therefore, electrons traversing the induced electric field region see a DC electric field and are accelerated. If they make a collision prior to leaving the region, they can then retain some or all of the velocity imparted by the electric field and are heated.
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