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3. Create the water feature located at the center of the
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Part III Advanced Design Tools and Techniques
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Part VII Appendixes
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FIGURE 17.15 The Appearance of Black section of the Preferences dialog box enables you to control how Illustrator treats black sections of your documents.
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# Write a chunk of data, incrementing output file size fout.write(data) fout_size += len(data) # If the current output size has exceeded the next while fout_size >= next_perc: self._print( %s % perc) perc += perc_step next_perc += perc_chunk # Close input & output, line break at the end of progress. fout.close() fin.close() self._print( \n ) return files if __name__ == __main__ : main()
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Figure 1-10: Check the setting for the Formula Bar in the View tab.
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Use the Code Coloring category to custom color-code the HTML inspector.
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Once the loadMovie action has been initiated, the loading variable in the song Movie Clip instance will no longer exist. Therefore, the first if statement on the second frame of the !song and _song instances will no longer prevent the remaining if . . . else statements from executing. The !song instance, which monitors our loading progress, will execute the code within the } else if (substring(_name, 1, 1) eq ! ) { nest. The first line of code after the else . . . if statement will set a variable named check to the path of the song instance on the Main Timeline: check = eval( _parent. + substring(_name, 2, -1)); Then, we get to use the new getBytesLoaded() and getBytesLoaded() methods now available in Flash 5. The getBytesLoaded() method will evaluate what percentage of the .SWF has loaded: loaded = check.getBytesLoaded(); total = check.getBytesTotal(); percentage = int(loaded/total)*100; currentKB = int(loaded/1024); totalKB = int(total/1024);
} // handler function function userResponseHandler(e:Event):void { var urlLoader:URLLoader = URLLoader(; var args:URLVariables = new URLVariables(; trace( User Data: + args.response); }
the drop-down arrows next to each field. You might think that clicking this filter icon a second time would not only toggle the drop-down arrows to be displayed, but also restore the previous filter settings. However, that s not the case; though the drop-down arrows are displayed again, the previous filter settings are permanently removed.
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PIVOTTABLE REPORT Sorts Items are within each field not the entire dataset.
d =2.4mm 50 70 90 110 (degrees)
Figure 15-16 Typical segregation pattern seen between ne (dark) and coarse (light) grains in a small transparent drum tumbler. A core of nes travels along the entire length of the tumbler, connecting the bands that emerge at the surface in a single bulging tube. The coarse grains are constrained to ow within the con nes de ned by this tube. This constraint is important for understanding mechanisms of de-mixing in more complex geometries, as summarized in Section 15-3.4.
collapse. The default. Collapses, or normalizes, all whitespace within a content object. This is similar to how a Web browser reduces tabs, line feeds, and space characters into a single displayed space for display. preserve. Retains all whitespace characters as literals for display.
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