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Part V
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Symbols can be reused in different scenes and also in different movies. When your project requires a number of similar objects, one symbol can be slightly changed several times to create different instances of the symbol. Each copy of a symbol is referred to as an instance.
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Only two paths may be joined. (If you select just one path, it will be made into a closed path. If you select more than two paths, nothing happens when you try to join them.) Only open paths created with the Pen and Pencil tools can be joined. Straight lines, frames, and other shapes are ignored. If you join a text path to a nontext path, the text is deleted. If you join two text paths, the first text path s text is retained and the second path s text is deleted. InDesign usually creates a straight segment between the final point in the first object that was created and the first point in the next object that was created. However, if two other points are close to each other, it may join those two points instead. You need to experiment to see what happens with your paths.
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Pre-populating the notes field of the bookmark posting form added a bit of efficiency to the process. Is there more you can do Well, if you use for any length of time, you might start to have a pretty good idea of what tags you d like to use whenever you post a link. So, the tag selection and recommendation interface that appears on the posting form (see Figure 2-6) may start to lose its usefulness. Many people love it, and it s a pretty slick addition but it can slow things down and make your bookmark posting feel less efficient. You ve already seen the noui parameter used by the popup form to strip the site navigation (see Figure 2-2), but this still leaves some of the tag assistance machinery in place. Is there a way to get just a plain and simple posting form As it turns out, that undocumented UI version parameter found in the posting form URL comes in handy here. Try this URL to the posting form:
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where abatch (t) is the concentration in a batch reactor that had initial concentration ain . This equation can be used to calculate the conversion of any reaction. It assumes an extreme level of local segregation; there is no mixing at all between molecules that entered the system at different times. Molecules that enter together leave together and remain in segregated packets while in the system. Figure 1-4a illustrates this possibility for a completely segregated CSTR.
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for multithreading should, in principle, also be useful for latency hiding although in practice it was not used for that purpose during the I-WAY experiment.) Several other libraries, notably the CAVEcomm virtual reality library [19] and the MPICH implementation of MPI, were extended to use Nexus mechanisms [20]. Since MPICH is de ned in terms of an abstract point-to-point communication device, an implementation of this device in terms of Nexus mechanisms was not dif cult. Other systems that use Nexus mechanisms include the parallel language CC++ and the parallel scripting language nPerl, used to write the I-WAY scheduler. 4.7.2 Parallel tools discussion The I-WAY experiment demonstrated the advantages of the Nexus automatic con guration mechanisms. In many cases, user were able to develop applications with high-level tools such as MPI, CAVEcomm, and/or CC++, without any knowledge of low-level details relating to the compute and network resources included in a computation. A signi cant dif culty revealed by the I-WAY experiment related to the mechanisms used to generate and maintain the con guration information used by Nexus. While resource database entries were generated automatically by the scheduler, the information contained in these entries (such as network interfaces) had to be provided manually by the I-Soft team. The discovery, entry, and maintenance of this information proved to be a signi cant source of overhead, particularly in an environment in which network status was changing rapidly. Clearly, this information should be discovered automatically whenever possible. Automatic discovery would make it possible, for example, for a parallel tool to use dedicated ATM links if these were available, but to fall back automatically to shared Internet if the ATM link was discovered to be unavailable. The development of such automatic discovery techniques remains a challenging research problem. The Nexus communication library provides mechanisms for querying the resource database, which users could have used to discover some properties of the machines and networks on which they were executing. In practice, few I-WAY applications were con gured to use this information; however, we believe that this situation simply re ects the immature state of practice in this area and that users will soon learn to write programs that exploit properties of network topology and so forth. Just what information users will nd useful remains to be seen, but presumably enquiry functions that reveal the number of machines involved in a computation and the number of processors in each machine would de nitely be required. One application that could certainly bene t from access to information about network topology is the I-WAY MPI implementation. Currently, this library implements collective operations using algorithms designed for multicomputer environments; presumably, communication costs can often be reduced by using communication structures that avoid intermachine communication.
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The Save for Web & Devices dialog box offers many options for optimizing your files for the Web.
Appendix E
8: Custom Site Furnishings
Incorporating Dynamic Data
The next step is to define the CSS rules governing the selected subcategories. Again, the class of the body tag determines which nested list is actually rendered with the defined styles. When displayed, the secondary navigation will also be inline, but without the box-like background and a slightly smaller font, as shown in Figure 10-9.
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