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Figure 4-33: Using data labels in place of series markers
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time you open it (so that you can see the background picture).
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Part II
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If you re working with Excel, you ll want to keep these additional copy and paste options in mind:
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To use SPIN, a model of the application is constructed in the modeling language of SPIN, called Promela, for Protocol meta language. Many of the constructs in Limbo map directly to counterparts in Promela. Promela provides means of representing and creating processes, communicating via buffered or rendezvous channels and specifying control flow. To illustrate how one could model Limbo applications using Promela and SPIN, we will look at a very simple example. The aim here is not to provide a tutorial on using SPIN, but rather to give you a sense of some of the facilities available, should you be interested in pursuing this further. As an example, the following is a Promela model for an application consisting of six threads. One of the threads acts as a master, periodically sending typed messages to all the remaining five threads (which act as slaves), then waits until it has received responses from all the slaves. Upon receipt of the queries from the master, each slave tries to send a response to the master. The communication going from the master to the slaves is performed on five distinct communication channels, while the responses from the slaves to the master occur on a single channel. Channels in Promela can be defined to be synchronous or buffered, and in the following we can define them to be synchronous to mirror the behavior of Limbo channels:
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The interface shown in the following figure was designed in Illustrator 9, exported as a .SWF, and imported into Flash. Following import, I optimized by removing unnecessary duplicate elements and reusing symbols in as many places as possible, which reduced the file size of all graphics in this interface to 19KB, leaving plenty of space for some heavyweight scripting. To fully exploit the new ObjectActions in Flash 5, I also converted all the graphic symbols to Movie Clips.
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l Play the whole project full screen. Click the Play Project Full Screen button at the
Same Fill Color (Select Same Fill Color) selects objects that have the same fill color as the currently selected object. This function selects objects regardless of their stroke color, stroke weight, or stroke pattern. If you select objects with different fills, the Same Fill Color function won t work. Same Fill Color considers different tints of spot colors to be the same color. This function works in two ways. First, if you select one object with any tint value of a spot color, Same Fill Color selects all other objects with the same spot color, regardless of the tint. Second, you can select more than one object, no matter what tint each object contains, provided that the selected objects have the same spot color.
and from (2.195),
In the preceding chapter, we saw that having an image be much closer to the plate-compared to the viewer s distance-allows the use of larger-area and wider-band sources (i.e., brighter sources, if we re making them by filtering white light) without blurring the image noticeably. But this is not as simple as just putting the object closer to the hologram plate-there it will usually block parts of the reference beam! And it is difficult to arrange for attractive object illumination if things get too close to the plate. Thus there has been a lot of interest in techniques for optically relaying an image of a remote object, and then letting that relayed image serve as the subject of the hologram. Here, we will look briefly at some conventional techniques for image relaying, also called real image projection, and then concentrate on the more widely used holographic method.
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