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1. In ColdFusion Administrator, select Security Allowed IP Addresses. 2. In the Allowed IP Addresses screen, type the IP Address of your client system and click Add. On my system, I m loading the Flex application from the local hard disk and making calls to my local copy of ColdFusion, so I ve added two IP addresses: (IPv4) and 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 (IPv6).
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The building blocks of all scripting are variables, the named containers that store specific infor mation and enable you both to manipulate and display it whenever you want. If you remember your algebra, where x = y + 4, you re already familiar with variables because that s what the x and y are in that equation. If you imagine the two variables as boxes that can take on any value, the equation describes a relationship between them. If y is 10, x is 14. JavaScript features three primary types of variables that you need to know: numeric, string, and Boolean. Numeric variables are just like the x and y of the preceding paragraph and can store either an integer value (123) or a floating-point value (4.4353). String variables store a sequence of letters, digits, or punctuation. By using a string variable, you can say name = Dave Taylor and it has the effect of putting the letters D, a, v, e, and so on, into the con tainer name. By contrast, Booleans can have only one of two possible values: true or false. To use a variable, you have to define it and assign it a value. Variables are defined in JavaScript with the var statement, and the = symbol assigns values. For example:
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Macromedia Fireworks: Fireworks 3 allows you to export bitmaps created within
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Note that this function only takes two arguments, but the function can be nested. In addition, the operator || also concatenates strings.
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4. Press Q to enter Quick Mask Mode. 5. Choose Filter Distort Wave and play with the settings. 6. Exit the Wave dialog box and then press Q to exit Quick Mask mode. 7. Create a new layer and fill the selection with a color.
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In this pane, you can also select a fill color for the selected cells, based on existing color swatches, as well as a tint. You can set both cell strokes and fills as Overprint, which means that the color prints on top of any underlying color rather than knocks out that color. Overprinting can change the color the reader sees because it essentially mixes inks. Overprinting a blue fill on a yellow background, for example, results in a green fill.
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All the rules in force for the workbook appear in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box. You can use the Show Formatting Rules For drop-down field to filter the rules to a particular rule domain, such as the selected PivotTable. The rules in force for the selected rule domain are shown in the Rule pane of the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box. The rules could be cell formats, data bars, graded color scales, or icon sets. The selected rule format also appears next to each rule in this dialog box. So, for example, if you choose to use a specific icon set or graded color scale, the selected configuration appears in this dialog box. The rule evaluation scope, that is, the area where the rule is being applied, appears next to the Format column.
trace(this._name + is now focused. ); if(tPrevFocus._name != null){ trace(tPrevFocus._name + no longer has focus. ); } }; tMessageTwo.onSetFocus = function(oPrevFocus:Object):Void { trace(this._name + is now focused. ); if(tPrevFocus._name != null){ trace(tPrevFocus._name + no longer has focus. ); } };
ON cells.state = r.state LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT productgroupname, COUNT(DISTINCT customerid) as cnt FROM orders o LEFT OUTER JOIN orderline ol ON o.orderid = ol.orderid LEFT OUTER JOIN product p ON ol.productid = p.productid GROUP BY productgroupname ) c ON cells.productgroupname = c.productgroupname) a ORDER BY 5 DESC
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