Anyone can download the Flash Player plug-in for free from the Macromedia Web site. You can direct visitors at your Web sites to Macromedia s Flash Player download page, P1_ Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash. In fact, according to Macromedia s licensing agreement, if you re publishing Flash movies on your Web site, you need to display the Get Shockwave Player logo or Get Flash Player logo on your Web site. This logo should link to Macromedia s download page, just listed. However, you need to license the right to distribute any Shockwave plug-in installer from Macromedia. For more details on licensing, see You can find the official Macromedia button graphics at
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Figure 13-35 Results from Paul and Treybal (1971) experiments compared with C-D simulation (Canon et al., 1977) and paired-interaction (P-I) simulation (Patterson and Randick, 2000).
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9 Checking Out the Library: Symbols and Instances
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Data registry GDH assignment GDH validation
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Creating a still image and adding it to a movie project
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More About PivotTable Components
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Part II
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6 Accessing the Code Directly
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Set the text location below and to the right of the center point. This way, when you align your symbol, you don t need to change the default value in the Generator Panel. Notice also that the more space you leave between the center point and the first line of text, the more space that you have between your first list item and the top. It is also a good habit to set the width of the text field to the width of your list (see Figure 28-5), so that Generator does not wrap the text to the next line. Notice that you are essentially doing the same task here that you did in the textreplacement exercise from the previous chapter, except that you are placing the variables in a Movie Clip symbol, rather than on the Main Timeline. Two of the three variables in our text file data source have been added to the clip_1 Movie Clip symbol. The last one, url, will be used in the actions of a Button instance described in the next section.
Author s Note: In Flash 5 ActionScript, the preceding code could be written as s1 =;.
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development of EDRs. Copies of meeting presentations and transcripts are available in NHTSA Public File 88-0-1.
The option to use an LCDS/BlazeDS destination is enabled only if you create a Flex project that s configured to work with LiveCycle Data Services or BlazeDS. n
Part I Dreamweaver MX 2004 Basics
You may prefer to change the name of your project to a more descriptive name. To do so, select the project in the Project window. Make sure that the Properties window is displayed (press F4 if it s not displayed) and change the name from
Perhaps you might want to display data for a few of the months. To do so, just click the drop-down arrow on Month to deselect the values Jan and Feb, as shown in Figure 1-3.
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