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What s In a Table Getting Started with Data Exploration
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Customizing and Automating Illustrator
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Building Customer Signatures for Further Analysis
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Excel s Numerical Limitations
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Relativistic Wave Equations
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Savvy Web designers have used tables to structure their pages for years. Some of the most exciting and unusual designs the ones that make you wonder, How did they do that are simply tables with the cells lled with different elements such as images or links. The Web page in Figure 11-1, for example, is nothing but a table lled with various elements.
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The Flex 4 SDK does not include Spark versions of the DataGrid component and its advanced extensions, AdvanceDataGrid and OlapDataGrid. Adobe intends to create Spark versions in a later revision of the SDK, but for now you should use the MX versions. n
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To the right of the zoom controls is the status area control. This button works as a toggle, enabling you to hide or show the status area. Hiding the status area gives you more room in which to display the database but hides all your tools. When you click the status area control to hide the status area, the current layout fills the entire window. Click the status area control again to display the status area and regain access to the tools. Finally, to the right of the status area control button is the mode selector pop-up menu. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can use this menu to switch from one operational mode to another.
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benzene is phenylated when reacts with benzoyl peroxide. 791 A dramatic increase in the yield of acyloxylated products is observed in the presence of oxygen792 [Eq. (9.143)] or other additives, such as iodine793 [Eq. (9.143)] and CuC1 2:794
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Figure 4-40: The PivotTable after one of the Sum of Score fields has been changed to summarize by average.
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Part I: Creating Content with HTML
Listing 12-8: mailfeedlib.py (Part 5 of 9)
Applying Transformations and Distortions
The Flash Video Revolution
Improved data from crash investigations will enable the agency and others to better understand the causes of crashes and injury mechanisms, and make it possible to better define and address safety problems. This information can be used to develop improved safety countermeasures and test procedures, and enhance motor vehicle safety.
As with other fields in InDesign, the X field can perform mathematical computations for you. So you can set a tab at half of 0.125" without figuring out that value, or you can move a tab by adding to or subtracting from its current value. It may seem unlikely that you would ever do this, but it s extremely handy for changing tab settings so that they re, say, half as far apart as they used to be, or half as far apart plus 2 points to the right. The operands for performing math in fields are + (addition), (subtraction), * (multiplication), and / (division). If you want to combine these operands for example, add 5 and then subtract 2 you have to remember back to middle school and Algebra I to type the operands in the correct order:
In general, optical margin alignment improves the look of display type, whether it s left-aligned, centered, justified, or even right-aligned. However, optical margin alignment actually causes columns of body text to look uneven (because they are). n
T I P If you want the result from a query to be in a particular order, add an ORDER BY clause. Without one, never assume that the result of a query will be in a particular order.
You can also unregister listener objects using removeListener():
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