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Caution Although Dreamweaver lists keyboard shortcuts for all the alignment options under Modify Align, these apply only to layers. You must use the menus (either the Modify menu or the Context menu) to align hotspots.
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4.11 You can choose which networking protocols your Mac uses to share files.
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Purpose: This script step is used to insert a QuickTime movie, QuickTime VR clip, or a QuickTime audio clip into a Container field in the current record (which is the same as choosing Insert QuickTime). When executed, this step displays a dialog in which you can select a movie file to be imported.
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with seven of the nine plaintext letters of highest probability from Table 3.6: E T A O N R I S H A correspondence between t, z, o, h and some subset of E, T, A, O, N, R, I, S, H permits most of the isomorphs to be discarded. The results of IsoSearch1 are given in Tables 3.7 to 3.12. One starting point for the pruning is to determine the plaintext-to-ciphertext letter correspondences by selecting the cribs with the smallest x 2-scores (Table 3.13). The plaintext-to-ciphertext letter correspondences implied by the rst four cribs are consistent; for example, isomorphs of the rst two cribs implies the correspondences in Table 3.14. All of these plaintextto-ciphertext letter correspondences are also consistent with the isomorphs of MESSAGE and DIGITAL with the smallest x 2-scores. This is not the case for either of the isomorphs of PROTOCOL.
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Figure 7.38 Procollagen-like mimic peptide (PPG)10 in interaction with Hsp47: (a) Ribbon display model structure of monomeric Heat Shock Protein 47 (Hsp47) with classical serpin fold. View is from bottom illustrating the reactive centre loop (RCL) (red) and the 5-strand A -sheet shown (green). (b) Ribbon display model of Hsp47 homo-oligomeric trimer (monomers in red, yellow and green) formed by the insertion of the RCL of one Hsp47 monomer into the 5-strand A -sheet of another Hsp47 monomer (headto-tail interactions). (c) Intrinsic tryptophan uorescence binding isotherm from uorescence titration binding experiment using xed concentration of Hsp47 titrated with (PPG)10 until saturation in buffer pH 7.5 at 20 C. (d) CD binding isotherm from CD titration binding experiment using xed concentration of Hsp47 titrated with (PPG)10 until saturation in buffer pH 7.5 at 20 C (illustrations a) and b) are from Dafforn et al., 2001, Figs. 1a and 6c respectively; c) and d) are adapted from Dafforn et al., 2001, Fig. 4a).
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Listing 11-7: (Part 1 of 4)
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Figure 17-3: Symbols are stored in the Library panel. Dragging them into a document creates an Instance, identified by the arrow badge in its bounding box.
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The Scale dialog box allows you to specify exactly how objects are scaled.
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The name attribute gives the frame a unique name that can be referenced by URLs, scripts, and so on to control the frame s contents. The src attribute is used to specify the URL of the content the frame should display. Using only these two attributes results in a frame with minimal margins, no borders, and automatic scroll bars. More information on controlling these frame attributes is covered in the next few sections.
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To change the width of the Tabs panel, click and drag on the resize triangle in the lower-right corner of the panel. The Tabs panel can be made wider but not taller. To reset the Tabs panel to the exact size of the type area, drag the resize box back.
On the CD-ROM
Figure 17-6 shows what it looks like when items are selected. When you ve checked what you need, click Next. Cygwin starts downloading and installing all the necessary files. When it s done, it does the usual dance of asking you if you want an icon on your desktop and so forth. I just keep the boxes checked because it s useful to have on the desktop, but do whatever suits your fancy.
PC. In the following section, we examine the Flash MX export dialog box and the steps required to export to AVI.
If you have a different personalized greeting for several users, you can use the if...else if variation, as follows:
Tip The personalized keyboard shortcut files are stored in the Dreamweaver MX 2004\ Configuration\Menus\Custom Sets folder as XML files. To make a keyboard shortcut set available on another system, copy the appropriate XML file to the corresponding folder in the user s Dreamweaver MX 2004\Configuration\Menus\Custom Sets folder. For more details on the location of the user s folders, see the Multiuser System Customization sidebar earlier in this chapter.
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