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To create a simple recordset, follow these steps: 1. From the Server Behaviors panel, select the Add (+) button and choose Recordset (Query) from the drop-down list. The Recordset dialog box, shown in Figure 35-3, is displayed. 2. In the Recordset dialog box, enter an identifying label for your recordset in the Name field. It s considered good practice to prefix your recordset name with rs as in rsDBA. This prefix quickly identifies the recordset in the code. 3. Select a connection from the drop-down list of that name. 4. If the desired connection has not been declared, choose Define to open the Connections dialog box. After a connection has been selected, the available tables are shown.
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The third expression displays the savings a buyer could receive by buying in quantity. In this example formula, the price times 3 is subtracted from the price times 5:
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Event onError onFocus onKeyDown onKeyPress onKeyUp onLoad onMouseDown onMouseMove onMouseOut onMouseOver onMouseUp onMove onReset onResize onSelect onSubmit onUnload
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Prior to Dreamweaver CS3, the only way to effectively move CSS rules within a style sheet or from one style sheet to another was good old cut and paste. Now, managing your CSS rules is both intuitive and fast. You can, for example, simply drag and drop a CSS rule from one location in your style sheet to another right in the CSS Styles panel. Highlight any rule while in All mode and drag it to its new location. Rules can easily be moved to any embedded or attached style sheet; any unopened style sheet affected is opened and marked as modified. You can move a single rule at a time or select any number of them to drag to a new location.
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If you press Shift while you press an arrow key, the object moves ten times the amount specified in the Cursor Key field. Holding Option or Alt while you press an arrow key creates a copy of the selected object at the distance specified in the Cursor Key field. Holding Shift with Option or Alt while you press an arrow key creates a copy of the selected object at ten times the amount specified in the Cursor Key field. This last combination is a very simple and quick way to create a grid of text or image boxes with equal spacing between them.
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(ABC . . . ) * = A*B*C*... ( A B C . .. )+ = . . . C ~ B + A + ( A B C . . . lT = . . . C ~ B ~ A ~ ( A B C . .. ) - I = . ..C-l B-l A- The trace of a product of matrices is invariant under cyclic permutations of the product: e.g., Tr (ABC) = T ( C A B ) = T ( B C A ) [but generally, r r T (ABC) # T ( A C B ) ] . r r
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Using the smart guides feature is easy. First, make sure that smart guides are enabled. You do so in the Smart Guide Options section of the Guides & Pasteboard pane of the Preferences dialog box by selecting the Align to Object Center and/or the Align to Object Edges options. (Choose InDesign Preferences Guides & Pasteboard or press +K on the Mac, or choose Edit Preferences Guides & Pasteboard or press Ctrl+K in Windows.) Aligning to an object s center tells InDesign to look for the centerpoint of other objects as you move or resize objects and use those as alignment targets. Aligning to object frame edges has InDesign look for other objects edges and use those as alignment targets. Turning on both produces more smart guides as you work on objects. Figure 10.8 shows the smart guide feature in action in three sequences (in each sequence, at left is an existing object):
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You can customize the way grids look by changing the Grid preferences. Choose Edit (Illustrator) Preferences Guides & Grid to display the Guides & Grid section of the Preferences dialog box, as seen in Figure 8.17. Here, you can change the grid color, style, and spacing.
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In his eloquent portrayal of early Earth, A. Knoll (2003) describes P. Cloud s efforts to identify a demarcation line in the sedimentary record (between 2.4 and 2.2 109 years ago) for the appearance of oxygen on our planet. The iron sul de mineral, pyrite (FeS2), is thermodynamically unstable in the presence of molecular oxygen, particularly during cycles of erosion and deposition. Sedimentary rocks have been surveyed globally and those younger than 2.4 109 years generally do not contain pyrite while many older ones do. This argues for the absence of widespread atmospheric oxygen before 2.4 109 years ago. Evidence for the presence of atmospheric oxygen after 2.2 109 years ago resides in the formation of iron oxide minerals. These are manifest as red beds such as the vividly colored red rock formations in sedimentary successions visible today in Utah and Arizona, western United States (see Figure 2.1). Another important line of evidence in deciphering the history of oxygen has been provided by J. Farquhar. Prior to being transformed and deposited in sediments, sulfur dioxide, an atmospheric gas, interacts with sunlight in the atmosphere leaving a characteristic signature in the sulfur isotopic ratios. If molecular oxygen is present, the characteristic isotopic ratios are erased. According to Kerr (2005), Farquhar and colleagues have found the sulfur signature in rocks older than 2.4 109 years, but not in younger rocks. While the vast red bed formations and related facts argue convincingly for a widespread oxygenated atmosphere 2.4 2.2 109 years ago, this does not preclude the possibility of small-scale hot spots of oxygen production earlier. H. Ohmoto has reported the occurrence of oxidized minerals as old as 3 109 years. It is possible that these represented localized islands of oxygen-producing biota surrounded by con ning sinks for oxygen. Molecular oxygen spontaneously reacts with (oxidizes) many reduced chemical compounds (e.g., H2S, Fe2+) that prevailed in the Proterozoic era. This means that appreciable atmospheric oxygen concentrations could only have developed after such oxygen sinks were depleted. Indeed, it has been argued that early oxygen in the atmosphere hovered between 1% and 10% for as long as 1.8 109 years after oxygenic photosynthesis evolved. At these low concentrations, oxygen would not be expected to penetrate the deep oceans. D. Can eld and A. Knoll have interpreted the sulfur isotopic record as indicating that all but the upper oceanic layers were anoxic long after oxygen began creating the red bed deposits. Isotopic ratios of molybdenum, also an indicator of oxygen concentration, have con rmed widespread hypoxia in the early oceans. The era of the sulfur-dominated Can ed Ocean ended by 0.6 109 years ago when atmospheric oxygen reached its current concentration (21%). Several theories have been offered to explain why oxygen accumulated so signi cantly. Oxygenic photosynthesis is directly linked to conversion
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Caution media files. For example, if the video and media are already on an external hard disk,
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When referencing a specific tag, the DOM syntax goes from the most general to the most specific. For example, suppose you want to find out what a user entered into a specific text field, a property called value. You need to start from the document itself and work your way down through the form and text box objects, as follows:
1: What s New in iMovie 09
21-8.2 Nozzle Mounting
Generating Feed Entries from Mail Messages
var arItems:Array= xmlDocument.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes[1].childNodes; var arResult:Array = new Array(); for (var i:int=0; i<xInvoices.length; i++) { var currentNode:XMLNode = arItems[i] as XMLNode;
Flowing Text through a Document
Figure 11.4: A diffusing romputation for the shortest path with termination
=CONVERT(1,$A10,C$6) (cell C10)
13.3.1 Explanation of Pollard s p 2 1 Method
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