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I outline a few things about self-certified digital signatures but don t go on at length because your attention should really be focused on commercial-grade certificates. You can find abundant information on the Internet regarding self-signed certificates, but relatively little clear-cut information on how to obtain and set up a commercial-grade certificate. I imagine that many of you who have reason to use digital signing would opt for this capability if it weren t such an obscure art. My aim is to make this process accessible and concrete. barcode generator free
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Part III: Working with Data
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import events.LoginEvent;
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Word, PDF, Apple Pages, RTF, or text documents to your iPod. iPDA can also download RSS feeds, weather forecasts, driving directions, and news headlines directly to the iPod.
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Part II: Designing Flex Applications
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The consumption of the offering is supported by after-sales service, usually provided by the firm and complementors in the fifth stage of the customer experience life cycle. For Mr. Smith, brokerage support entails reading the Acme Web site s detailed instructions about how to perform a trade, view ing an animated online demonstration, perusing the site s frequently asked questions section, or calling the firm s 24/7 customer support hotline.
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Enabling borders
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Once you have created your portal page, save it as the default filename you set up in your Web server. For MooPS the default is index.html, for IIS it is default.htm, and for Abyss Web server it s index.htm. If you re using a different Web server, refer to its documentation on how to set the default page.
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ple, identical designs are joined together; compare [Sindoris and Hayes 1981, Voskresensky and Ovchinnikova 2001]. In 3, comparisons of several rotationally symmetric antenna shapes for hemispherical coverage were presented. We analyzed performance in terms of gain in relation to cost. As a basis for cost we used the required total number of radiators. Conical shapes came out quite favorably in this comparison. It is interesting to note that chopping off the tip of the cone does not change its cost-effectiveness according to our criterion. Thereby, the problem with installing feed networks, radiating elements, and so on in the narrow tip region can be eliminated. However, a hole in the resulting projected aperture will in most cases lead to unacceptable high sidelobes, so this approach is best suited to, for example,
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Figure 6.9: Linker class
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TABLE 13.2 List of Primes
FIGURE 21.10
On the Web
Part III
By contrast, the reference beam is constant in intensity over the plate, but can have any phase variation with x and y . For simplicity, we will assume that it is a plane wave incident at an angle Oref (perhaps 30 ). The reference beam intensity has to be greater than that of the object beam by some factor, K, which we call the beam ratio.
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