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As I described previously, the custom formatting function for a DataGridColumn requires an argument that references the DataGridColumn that is calling the function. The purpose of this argument is to enable you to determine the data field of the current data item dynamically. For example, if the data provider s data items have phone values in two different properties and you want to format them both with the same logic, you can identify the property you want to format with the array-style expression item[column.dataField]. The dataField property of the DataGridColumn returns the name of the property currently being processed, so you need only one custom function to format as many data properties as needed:
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FIGURE 32-14 Link your XML file to the appropriate XSLT Stylesheet.
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Applying Tags
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The list of available instruments (or kits, for drums) appears in the right column.
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Ether-type Encapsulation
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6: How Do I Finish My Movie and Share It
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where 0 = 0 for Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics, 0 = +1 for Fermi-Dirac statistics, 0 = -1 for BoseEinstein statistics, g is the total number of degrees of freedom for the particles, p is the chemical potential, and E 2 = p2 m2. Generally, for a twebody reaction the rate is l N nvu,
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Figure 13-1: Menus can be built with CSS.
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Navigate to the folder that contains the movie file, and then click the file. In the Save to pop-up menu, choose whether to save the imported project to your Mac s hard disk or to another disk.
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Choosing Preferences to Make iMovie Work Your Way
Possible Values True or false (default) True, false (default), or palindrome
n On Windows XP:
Sharing your photos via video chat
The Graph presents a collection of miniaturized table icons commonly called Table Occurrences (TOs) that are aliases or pointers to tables, not the actual tables. This is an essential distinction. Several TOs can point to the same base table, and TO names need not relate in any way to the names you ve assigned to the underlying tables.
6 Accessing the Code Directly
After Live Data view is enabled, the full number of records allowed by the Repeat Region is displayed and provides an accurate representation of the data.
Figure 1-7: Drag any field from the Bindings panel onto a selected placeholder phrase to quickly turn a static page into a dynamic one.
34 Working with QuickTime
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