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For more on Web-safe colors, see 19.
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Figure 10-14: The Check Spelling dialog box resembles that of the spell-check in many other applications.
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Extruding is the process of giving two-dimensional art depth that s equal on every part of the artwork. Figure 16.2 shows flat art and the same art extruded. When extruding art, you can retain the default depth (50 pt) or set the Extrude Depth slider to anywhere from 0 to 2000 points.
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Physical Differences between EF and EF-S
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After you have a spreadsheet or workbook open, you should have no problem changing the options. Try it. If you are new to Excel, some of the terminology may be confusing. The sidebar Excel workbooks, worksheets, and templates, later in this chapter, may clarify a few points.
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We estimate that about 67 to 90 percent of new light vehicles are already equipped with EDRs. As discussed earlier, vehicle manufacturers have provided EDRs in their vehicles by adding EDR capability to their vehicles air bag control systems. The costs of EDRs have
In Flex, encapsulation is fully implemented in ActionScript 3. Each member that you define in a class can be marked using an access modifier to indicate whether the particular method or property is public, private, protected, or internal. A public method, for example, enables any part of the application to execute functionality that s encapsulated within the class, without the programmer who s calling the method having to know the details of how the action is actually executed. For example, imagine a class that knows how to display a video in the Flash Player and allows the developer to start, stop, and pause the video, and control the video s audio volume. The code that executes these functions will have to know a lot about how video is handled in Flash and the particular calls that will need to be made to make the audio louder or softer. The API of the class, however, could be extremely simple, including methods to execute each of these actions with very simple calls from the main application, like this:
You will notice that pseudo-code is not a complete application, but a skeleton of the overall application. This allows you to quickly develop how the application will work and what it will do. Writing pseudo-code becomes a lot more important when developing large-scale applications, but it is good practice to evaluate, sketch, and plan no matter how large the project is.
What You Can Do with VBA
Using brushes
Introducing object variables
4 Thanks to Bill Nitzberg (, one of the PBS developers and area co-director for the GGF scheduling and resource management area, for contributing to this section.
Changing Guides & Grid Preferences
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