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TIP Mac users can load an action by making sure that Photoshop is running and then double-clicking the action file.
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Enter the formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.The range will display the predicted y values for the data in B4:B18.
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In order to be part of an effective Web application, dynamic data can t just be displayed; it has to be designed. Dreamweaver, through a variety of server behaviors, gives you the power to selectively repeat page elements as well as show them programmatically. Data design is an important aspect of integrating the server side with the client side. As you look for ways to manage the data in your Web applications more effectively, remember the following points: With the aid of the Repeat Region server behavior, Dreamweaver can help you to show as much of the data on a single page as you desire. Repeat Region server behaviors are usually applied to table rows, but they may also be used with line-breaks, paragraphs, list items, or any other HTML element. It s often necessary to show data only if a certain condition is met. Dreamweaver handles these operations through a variety of Show Region server behaviors. With these tools, you can also selectively display any element text, graphic, or dynamic data on the current page. After you have the capability to display a portion of your data, you must navigate the recordset. Dreamweaver s Recordset Paging server behaviors can show the next or previous record (or group of records, if the Repeat Region server behavior is used), as well as quickly navigate to the first or last record of your data. Recordset navigation can be integrated in several ways. You can add each building block (the graphics or the text, the server behaviors, and so on) by itself, or you can accomplish the same task in one operation by using a Dreamweaver Application object. Depending on the Web application, you might find it quicker to insert and modify the Recordset Navigation Bar Application object, rather than build your own step-by-step. You can convert Flash buttons to act as recordset navigation aids. The step-by-step Dreamweaver Technique details the necessary modifications. In the next chapter, you learn how you can use Dreamweaver s Live Data view to enhance your workflow and test your application under a variety of circumstances.
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The second point (boldfaced) is specified as
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When you choose Print Setup, Printer Setup, or Page Setup from the File menu of any Windows program, a dialog similar to the one shown in Figure 13-5 appears. At a minimum, the primary dialog has four options: Name: The printer you intend to use to print the current document. (All printers for which you have installed printer drivers are listed in the Name dropdown list.) Size: The size and type of the paper that will be used. Source: Where the paper will be fed from, such as the default paper tray. Orientation: Whether the document will be printed right-side up (portrait) or sideways (landscape). To view and set additional printer-specific options, click the Properties button. Depending on the capabilities of the printer, the dialog s Properties section might contain one or several pages of options, such as Paper and Graphics. To view different classes of printer properties, click a tab at the top of the dialog.
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Creating and Using Spreadsheet Reports
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The form object
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var nUTCDate:Number = Date.UTC(1970, 0, 1); var dLocal:Date = new Date(nUTCDate);
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where the higher-order terms in the series will be neglected. The electron density through the sheath is given by the Boltzmann relationship in Eq. (3.5-9). If it is also assumed that the change in potential right at the sheath edge is small compared to the electron temperature, then the exponent in Eq. (3.5-9) can be expanded in a Taylor series to give ne = no exp[
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Part IV
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2. Enter the administrator s password in the provided dialog box. 3. When the Administer Website dialog box appears, select the Rollbacks category. 4. Click the check box so that the Enable Rollbacks option is selected. 5. Specify the number of versions to be kept by entering a number in the pop-up list; by default, Contribute maintains the previous three versions of every page in a folder on the server called _baks you can opt to store up to 99 versions. 6. Click Close to verify the changes to the Administer Website dialog.
Figure 7-7: You can apply filters to fields by choosing an operator and entering a value.
The role of the FRAD in congestion control has introduced the function of the DE bit in the whole congestion control process. The DE bit comes into play because frame relay applications routinely burst above the CIR. As previously mentioned, this is okay, but there is no guarantee that frames sent in excess of the CIR on a given DLCI will actually get there. The CIR essentially forms a bandwidth quality of service guarantee on the frame relay network, although the CIR mechanism is not perfect and even traffic conforming to the CIR might be discarded under congested conditions. Here is why.
The Tips button in the Art, Scatter, and Pattern Brush dialog boxes displays a dialog box explaining the different colorization options. Figure 4.39 shows the Colorization Tips dialog box, which has four areas of colorization: None, Tints, Tints and Shades, and Hue Shift. To see how the Colorization options work, first create four copies of a brush. For the first copy, use the default of None. For the next three copies, change the stroke color (you won t see anything happen yet). Double-click the second copy and then choose Tint. Apply the stroke when asked to do so in the dialog box. The color should change at this point. Double-click the third copy and then choose Tints and Shades. Double-click the last copy and then choose Hue Shift. All the copies should look different.
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CHOOSE(index_num,value1,value2,...) MATCH(lookup_value,lookup_array[,match_type])
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When a Web-based Flex application communicates with an application server that supports Flash Remoting (known as the Remoting Service in LiveCycle Data Services and BlazeDS), it typically uses a channel definition with dynamic expressions that evaluate at runtime to the location of the server from which the application was downloaded. This is the default my-amf channel delivered with BlazeDS:
You could achieve a similar effect by using two P elements, but the effect is not identical. If you were to use the following HTML code, you would have two lines that were farther apart than with the BR element.
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