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Part III Working with Databases
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Computer-Generated Stereogram Modeling with a spatially extended or non-monochromatic light source. Indeed, it constitutes the principal limitation of stereograms with respect to their phase coherent counterparts. The correspondence between the phase error introduced by perspective sampling in a stereogram and misfocus in a conventional imaging system allows use of such standard analysis tools as the modulation transfer function (MTF) to study the behavior of stereograms. It is also useful in helping to derive the parameters that will maximize resolution, and to design appropriate filters to minimize sampling artifacts.lx In particular, it can be found that an optimum slit size results in a maximum resolution over the whole imaging volume. This situation is equivalent to adjusting thef-stop of a conventional camera to satisfy the hyperfocal condition. Assembling conventional holographic stereograms In the common implementation in which Nb = Np, each hogel, with aperture size and spectral content satisfying the conditions above, is generated as a linear combination of pixel-weighted basis fringes: corresponding pixels from each of the Np parallax views (Le., the first pixel from the first row in each image) forms a structure called a pixel vector. Each element of a pixel vector multiplies a basis fringe in the pre-computed set, and their sum is accumulated. The entire HPO hologram has N , hologram lines containing a series of Nh hogels, each given by
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As shown in Figure 17.6, this section controls how paths are selected as well as how anchor points and their handles are displayed.
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FIGURE 15.21
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1. Choose Site Manage Sites. 2. In the Manage Sites dialog, click New and select Site from the submenu to open the Site Definition dialog box. 3. Click the Basic tab of the Site Definition Wizard if it is not already selected. If a message appears informing you that the root folder you have chosen is the same as another folder, ignore it, and click OK to close the message box.
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Part II: Putting Illustrator to Work
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The appearance of an ASMD chart is similar to that of a normal flowchart. The main difference is that the RT operation in an ASMD chart is controlled by an embedded clock signal and the destination register is updated when the FSMD exits the current ASMD block, but not within the block. The r + r-1 operation actually means that:
Re ection Refraction
The second module is for the instruction memory. During the development, we usually store the compiled assembly code to memory in advance and configure it as a ROM in HDL code. It is thus known as an instruction ROM.
To what exactly are relative font sizes relative The default font size, of course. The advantage of relative font sizes is that you can alter a Web page s default font size with one command, the <basefont> tag. The tag takes the following form
STEPS: Creating a Label Layout
Formal Aspects: Qualitative Analysis of the Person
The order date is first converted to a number, which is cast to a character value, and then TOTALPRICE is appended onto the end. The minimum value for this composite value is determined by the date which comes first, with the TOTALPRICE carried along. Extract the total price by taking the string from position nine onwards. The final +0 converts the value back into a number. The following SQL uses this technique:
While it s simple enough to create ActionScript routines that move objects along straight paths, wouldn t it be nice to know how to move paths along arcs or curves Darrel s tutorial shows you how to do the math behind B zier curves, and how to implement the proper equations into your ActionScript code. In real life, most things don t move in straight lines. Even if they did, something that moves in a straight line wouldn t be nearly as interesting as another object that moves along a curved path. The curved path injects a bit of mystery and anticipation into a movement. You probably already know that you can animate something on a motion guide in Flash, but motion guide animation paths are predefined. What if you want to have an object move randomly What if you want it to move wherever the user clicks What if you want it to look smooth and curvy instead of straight and dull One solution is to create an animation algorithmically that is, by using a mathematical equation. The possibilities for which equations to use are infinite, but we should put a few requirements in place:
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