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1. Select the Vector Path tool, from the Pen tool flyout, or press the keyboard shortcut, P, to cycle through. 2. Click and drag the pointer on the canvas. Fireworks renders the drawn path with the current settings on the Stroke section of the Property inspector. 3. To draw a perpendicular line, press the Shift key while you re dragging the pointer. If your movement is primarily left to right, a horizontal line is drawn; if it is up and down, a vertical line is drawn. Here s a rather interesting feature of the Vector Path tool: If you use the Shift key to constrain your path to a perpendicular line and then release the mouse button but not the Shift key a small plus sign appears next to a Paintbrush cursor. Draw another stroke (still holding down the Shift key), and Fireworks connects the final point of your previous stroke with the beginning point of your new stroke.
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Part III: Controlling Presentation with CSS
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1. Click the Type tool. 2. Use the Control panel to set the font to 16pt Bold Myriad Pro. 3. Set the color to Heading Color. 4. Type Subscribe Today! (see Figure 19.29). download
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5. Select the XREF information after it is bound and explode it. Type explode in the Auto-
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FIGURE 12.2 This blend moves from black to white.
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The Pencil Tool is used to draw expressively with natural ease. A range of options enable a user to fine-tune the manner in which Flash applies shape recognition to lines and shapes drawn with the Pencil Tool. The Line and the Oval Tools are useful for creating perfect geometric shapes. The Brush Tool applies strokes of color to Flash artwork. Brush strokes can be applied with a number of mask settings, called Brush Modes, that control how color is applied. The Dropper Tool is used to acquire color from Flash art so that it may be applied to other items with either the Paint Bucket or Ink Bottle Tools. The Ink Bottle Tool is used primarily to apply acquired color to lines, outlines, and lines of zero thickness. The Paint Bucket is used to fill shapes and closed areas of drawings. It can also edit the colors and properties of such fills. The Eraser Tool is used to erase anything that s been drawn on the Flash Stage. Like the Brush Tool, it has powerful masking capabilities that make it easier to erase specific items without endangering other portions of your Flash art.
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Naturally, you can use Call JavaScript to handle more complex chores as well. To call a specific custom function that is already in the <head> section of your page, just enter its name along with any necessary arguments in the Call JavaScript dialog box, shown in Figure 12-4. FIGURE 12-4
Content. Component dimensions are determined dynamically based on the cumulative size of the component s child objects. Absolute. Component dimensions are determined by its width and height properties
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Time Constants. If the transport equation were a bit simpler, one could treat reaction with mass transfer as a process of rates in series, such as heat or mass transfer. One could compare half-times of reaction with inverse mass transfer coef cients and even include mixing times as a rate constant. Although an interesting thought, it is hardly ever done. Some time constants that have been used are
You can only modify Flash movies so much within Dreamweaver certain changes require that the movie source be altered in Flash itself. Dreamweaver now provides a direct connection to Flash: Flash Edit. You can now edit your Flash movies from within Dreamweaver (provided, of course, that you have Flash MX or later installed on your system and the FLA source file). Dreamweaver doesn t do the actual movie editing work, of course. Here s how it works. When you click the Flash Edit button, Dreamweaver launches Flash; you edit your movie in Flash, save your update, exit Flash, and end up back in Dreamweaver. It makes for a seamless Dreamweaver/Flash collaboration. To edit a Flash movie from within Dreamweaver, follow these steps:
Things Are Further Away i n the Dark: December 2002
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5. Choose the impeller diameter and calculate the impeller speed. An impeller diameter of 50% the vessel diameter will be most energy ef cient, so choose D = 0.915 m. N= Re 47 792 0.018 = = 1.01 rps 2 D 1020 0.9152
See font-style, font-variant, font-weight, font-size Yes All The value can be one of the preceding or a combination of the other font properties with line-height thrown in to confuse things.
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