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ago. As discussed in Sections 3.2 and 5.9, endosymbionts and intracellular parasites are likely to shed genes not required in their new habitats. Indeed, the genome of Buchnera aphicola APS [655,725 base pairs (bp)] is one-tenth the size of many free-living bacteria. Physiological, biochemical, developmental, and genetic details of the many types of insect bacterium relationships (entry 16) await elucidation by ongoing research. The general consensus is that the insect endosymbionts bene t their hosts nutritionally (by synthesizing amino acids and growth factors) and also by conferring resistance to parasites and extending the insect s range of habitats by extending the insect s utilizable food sources. The nal entry in Table 8.1 presents protozoa as habitats that have been colonized by bacteria over evolutionary time. Bacterial endosymbionts are very common in amoebae, agellates, and ciliates (Figure 8.9). Such associations were detected microscopically more than a century ago. Interest in the bacterial endosymbionts of protozoa is spurred for a variety of reasons that include both evolutionary and medical issues. Because protozoa reside in the lower trunk of the Eukarya in the tree of life (see Sections 5.5 and 5.6), our understanding of the development of cellular organelles (e.g., mitochondria, chloroplasts) can be advanced by
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(for example, your cable router or DSL router) is usually the easiest way of assigning IP addresses.
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Though the regions specified when running an Advanced Filter can be set by pointing and clicking a mouse, the Criteria Range must be prepared in advance.
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You re using a company logo that has a specific color. By printing that color as a spot color, you make it stand out from the other coloring. In addition, color is more accurate when it comes from a specific ink rather than from a process color combination. Often, the logo is a Pantone color that doesn t reproduce true to form when you use process color separation. You need a color that you can t create by using process colors. Such colors are most often metallic or fluorescent, but they can be any number of Pantone colors or other colors that you can t match with process colors. You need a varnish for certain areas of an illustration. A varnish is a glazed type of ink that results in a shiny area wherever you use the varnish. You commonly use varnishes on titles and logos and over photographs. You need a light color over a large area. The dots that make up process colors are most noticeable in light colors, but by using a spot color to cover the area with a solid sheet of ink that has no dots, you can make the area smoother and enhance it visually.
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Displaying formulas (bottom window) and their results (top window).
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You saw earlier that if you apply a theme to your project, iMovie adds some titles and transitions automatically. As far as titles go (I talk about transitions later in this chapter), applying a theme adds two titles to your project automatically: An opening title, which is the name of your project superimposed on the first few seconds of the movie. A closing title, which displays Directed By followed by your user account name, that is superimposed over the last few seconds of the movie. iMovie also adds four theme-related title styles to the top of the Titles browser (refer to figure 6.1), so you can also add your own theme titles.
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If you don t rely on Dreamweaver s capability to publish dependent files, make sure that you publish all the associated files or your video will not be visible to your site visitors.
dent reconstruction. Data which is captured by EDRs are a useful tool for automobile manufacturers, governmental agencies, and accident Reconstructionists alike. Increasing integration of EDRs can only enhance the reliability of technical accident investigations in the future, and perhaps provide crucial data for establishing vehicle safety standards. Expanded use of EDRs also bolsters the inherent reliability of the devices themselves-a frequent source of contention during criminal proceedings. At any rate, EDR data will improve our understanding of accident reconstruction concepts, assist in determining whether additional vehicle safety design standards are needed, and determine whether there are inherent safety defects that may have contributed to a crash. Education and Training for Reconstructionists and Prosecutors: Education and training on the subject of EDRs is a necessity, particularly for Reconstructionists and prosecutors. As EDRs become more technologically advanced, and perhaps capture increasingly complex data, the need for training and standardization become more pronounced. Without a true understanding of the data-method of capture, for example-and basic principles of crash reconstruction, any intended use of EDR data would only complicate efforts to arrive at a reliable conclusion following a technical accident investigation. Education and standardized procedures for the design and retrieval of EDR data would ensure admissibility in court proceedings and expand our knowledge of a vehicle s crashworthiness. It is imperative that Reconstructionists use EDR data to supplement their technical accident investigations-instead of using the data as a convenient substitute for conventional reconstruction methods. EDRs and the Right to Privacy: The issue of Big Brother using this unit as a means to monitor an individual s driving habits will always be a concern. The issue of ownership and right to privacy is something we continue to research. Since accident Reconstructionists are aware of the useful information these units can provide, we either obtain voluntary consent from the owner or obtain a search warrant to both remove the EDR from the vehicle and retrieve the data. The ends justify the means when looking at the information the unit records if it will increase occupant safety
PTT = Push to talk UL = Uplink DL = Downlink TBF = Temporary block flow TBS = Talk burst start
Managing Smooth Movie Download and Display
When you change the horizontal alignment of a line from left to center or from center to right the entire paragraph moves. Any inline images that are part of that paragraph also move. Likewise, selecting one of a series of inline images in a row and realigning it horizontally causes all the images in the row to shift. In Dreamweaver, the horizontal alignment of an inline image is changed in exactly the same way that you realign text with the alignment buttons found on the Image Property inspector. As with text, buttons exist for left, center, and right. Although these are very conveniently placed on the Image Property inspector, the alignment attribute is actually written to the <p> or other block element enclosing the image.
Creating Lists
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