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Each of the references discussed in this section is useful in its own way, and you ll use all of them as a method for identifying information. Remember to consider them when you look at different data types and think about how you can map them to geographical locations. Also make sure to take into account the direction in which you are facing when you orient yourself on a map. Because your orientation affects what you can see, it becomes important when you build applications that can use this information.
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liest references is about the diffraction of radio waves around the earth, studied by V. A. Fock and presented in 1945 [Fock 1945, 1965]. Other references are [Bird 1984, 1985, 1988; Boersma and Lee 1978; Borovikov and Kinber 1994; Bouche et al. 1993, 1997; Chang et al. 1976; Golden et al. 1974; Lee and Mittra 1976; Lee and Safavi-Naini 1978; Lee 1978; Pridemore-Brown, 1972, 1973; Shapira et al. 1974; Stewart and Golden 1971]. See also [Hansen 1981a,b, Hansen 1998, Kouyoumjian 1965] for a more extensive list of references. Here, we will concentrate on the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD), not mentioned in the list above. The history of UTD begins with Luneburg, Kline, and Keller who included concepts such as phase, polarization, and diffraction in the optic ray theory used by the ancient Greeks [Kouyoumjian 1965, Josefsson 1981, Keller 1985, McNamara et al. 1990]. The concept of ray theory means that the field is assumed to propagate along rays: along straight lines in free space and along so-called geodesics (see 5) on surfaces. The space is divided into regions, with different ray field descriptions. Figure 4.11 shows the different regions often used when discussing geometrical optics (GO), the geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD), and UTD. The difference between the three versions is basically that they are valid in different regions. The GO solution [Luneburg 1944, Kline 1951] does not include diffraction and is, therefore, only valid in the deep lit region. The diffraction was included in the GTD formulation presented by Joseph Keller in the mid 1950s. This formulation, also valid in the deep shadow region, was published in 1962 [Keller 1962]. Unfortunately, GTD fails in the shadow boundary region (or penumbra region). To overcome this, a uniform theory of diffraction was developed, namely UTD. UTD retains all the advantages of GTD and overcomes the failure of GTD in the shadow boundary transition regions. This generalization was mainly done by Kouyoumjian s group at Ohio State University [Kouyoumjian and Pathak 1974; Pathak and Wang 1978, 1981; Pathak et al. 1980, 1981; Pathak 1992]. The reader is referred to these papers for explicit equations of the surface and radiated fields due to sources on smoothly shaped convex PEC surfaces. However, we will discuss some of
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The use of a data lookup for the OrderLines::Price field.
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Most of the time, you want text to flow naturally from column to column and page to page, but sometimes, you want to take over the flow and dictate exactly when text starts on a new column or page. InDesign provides several ways to do so:
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A quick refresher on measurement units and their relations: 1" = 6p = 72 pt = 25.4 mm = 2.54 cm .16667" = 1p = 12 pt = 4.2 mm = .42 cm .01389" = 0p1 = 1 pt = .35 mm = .035 cm .03931" = p2.83 = 2.83 pt = 1 mm = .1 cm .39305" = 2p4.35 = 28.35 pt = 10 mm = 1 cm Pixels can t be directly related to the other measurement units because the size of each pixel varies according to screen resolution.
The radiating elements are phased to produce a beam in the direction = 0 in the azimuth plane. Simplifying to the continuous case with isotropic radiators, |Vn| = 1, and letting 0 = 0 we obtain the pattern function E( ) = 1 2
proportional to the square root of the operating time [51], an equation yielding the insert lifetime due to barium depletion can be derived [47]: (6.8-4) where
the intermediate enamine reacts further with a second molecule of alkyne316 to give compound 33:
5.11 Click and drag the orange handle to fine-tune the start or end of a clip.
Note that you can apply different effects to different components of an object by using the Settings For pop-up menu and then selecting the effects from the list at left. You can also apply multiple effects simultaneously to the object and/or any of its components.
Editing unordered lists
To cancel the entire text import, just select a different tool. To cancel a specific file in a multiplefile import, press Esc when that file s mini-preview is displayed. (The other files are still available to be placed.)
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