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9 Searching for and Selecting Records
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The Grand Totals pop-up menu can be accessed by clicking fields that show Grand Total in either the Row Labels or the Column Labels areas. In Figure B-7, these are cells A12 and D4. The Grand Totals pop-up menu also operates on fields in the Values area of the PivotTable report. Thus, it contains many of the same functions as the Values area pop-up menu. In fact, the only new pop-up menu item is Remove Grand Total. Keep in mind that there isn t a menu item on any of the pop-up menus to display a grand total once it is suppressed. You ll need to access the Table Options dialog box in order to display a grand total.
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The two examples in this chapter demonstrate how to display a single value in a chart. This is done by using metaphors such as a thermometer, a speedometer, or a tachometer.
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Chart object (that is, a Chart sheet).
hen I first started with print and design layout, I would drive all over the city to finish a job. After receiving the client s go-ahead, I had to pick my type from a phototypesetter and my images from a stat house. Then, back at my studio, I d cut and paste and I mean literally, with scissors and glue the text and images into place, hoping against hope that I had specified the type and image sizes correctly. If not, it was back in the car for another trip or two around town. Ah, the good old days. Now designers (especially those who design for the Web) have the luxury of developing their creations right in their own studio. Until Dreamweaver, however, the development of a Web application often undertook a faster, albeit parallel, course to my inner-city travels. After a basic page was designed, complete with server-side code, the document had to be uploaded to a testing server and then viewed in a browser over the Internet. If make that when changes were needed, the pages were revamped back in the studio. Because the designer was not able to lay out the page with the actual data in place, modifications were a trial-and-error process that often required many, many trips to the server and back. Dreamweaver s Live Data view eliminates the tedium and the lengthy time required for the upload-preview-modify-upload cycle. With Live Data view, developers work with the layout while the actual data is live on the page. If a table width needs to be adjusted because one of the records is too long, you can make the change immediately with no guesswork. Live Data view processes the page in the chosen server model. If the page requires variables, such as search criteria, in order to run properly, the Live Data feature enables you to set such values as needed. Although a preliminary discussion of Live Data is covered in 19, this chapter covers all the necessary details for using both basic and advanced Live Data capabilities. Although Live Data is a terrific timesaving feature, you can t rely on it totally for testing your Web application. You still need to preview the page in various browsers to ensure cross-browser compatibility. The final section of this chapter is dedicated to Dreamweaver s Preview in Browser feature and its relationship to your testing server.
CHAPTER 7 Platonic Holography the exposure, EXP, which is the product of the exposing intensity and the exposure time. That relationship is generally non-linear, and perhaps not even monotonic, as sketched in the margin. However, over some limited range of exposures the transmittance varies nearly linearly with exposure, and can be approximated by a straight line: this is the range of exposures in which photographers try to place their pictures, and where we will try to make holograms. Thus a linearized model of a recording material expresses this mathematically as
12.6.2 Multiprecision Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
To set up Contribute compatibility for your current site, follow these steps: 1. Choose Site Manage Sites. The Manage Sites dialog box is displayed. 2. With the current site selected in the Manage Site dialog, click Edit. The Site Definition dialog appears. 3. From the Advanced view of the Site Definition dialog, select the Contribute category. 4. Select the Enable Contribute Compatibility option. 5. If you have not previously enabled Design Notes (for both local and remote use) and Check In/Check Out, Dreamweaver displays a dialog informing you of their necessity and offers to automatically enable these settings; click OK to continue. 6. If Check In/Check was not previously set-up, the Contribute Site Settings dialog box is displayed. Enter a checkout name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields and click OK. Dreamweaver displays the Site Root URL for the current site, as shown in Figure 30-14, gathered from the information entered in the Remote Site category. 7. To verify the Site Root URL, select Test. 8. Click OK when you re finished to close the Site Definition dialog box.
All shapes are surrounded by a rectangular bounding box. When you click and drag to draw any shape other than a rectangle, you are technically drawing the bounding box, which then contains the shape. Therefore, when drawing ellipses or circles, you need to imagine a spot outside the circle the corner of the bounding box as your starting point.
Handheld Gaming Platforms
Revising the User Interface with direc.tor
By now most readers should be convinced that the old ways of building private networks out of leased private lines, if not quite impossible yet, will be quite impossible soon. The bandwidth pressure will keep going up, to the point that some organizations have begun to deploy Storage Area Networks (SANs) that link servers at multigigabit speeds. But the faster that servers can get the information, the faster they must give it out in order to keep going themselves. The connectivity pressure will build also as the use of Web-based information becomes more and more a way of life. Any-to-any connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity to the extent that many organizations have turned to the Internet itself for public connectivity, with all the hazards for security that this entails. The problem is that the type of network needed today is not the voice-engineered network that the service providers built. It is hardly their fault, however. The national network was built to handle three-minute telephone calls, not 12-hour Internet sessions. This network is often called the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Private lines are essentially just little pieces of bandwidth sold to customers which then can no longer be used for handling telephone calls or anything else for that matter. There is much debate over the future of the PSTN in a world where more and more fax and voice traffic travels the Internet instead of the PSTN, especially internationally. Some claim there are more bits representing information than voice on the PSTN anyway, at least since 1995. One telephone service provider says that by 2001 or so, more than half of all access lines (also called local loops) will terminate not at a telephone, but at a PC or some advanced PC-like device. So the PSTN is not the network that is needed to solve bandwidth and connectivity problems. But what is Many think the network needed is the Internet, pure and simple. This section will examine some of the needs of modern client/server, LAN-based networking and see if the Internet totally fits the bill.
The Legends in Wedges option is the only option in the Graph Type dialog box that s specifically for pie graphs. If you choose this option, the name of each wedge centers within that wedge. Illustrator doesn t do a very good job of placing the legend names, many times overlapping neighboring names. In addition, the letters in the legend names are black, which can make reading some of the names difficult or impossible. Of course, you can always just add legends manually to any graph after the fact using Illustrator s Type tool, but then if the values change (and thus the graph), the graph has the wrong values displayed until you manually change them.
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