Examining missing fonts
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Files script steps
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Part II: Applied Animation Techniques
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The first two of these variables are used to calculate the population at risk and stops for customers who start before the event date. The next two do the same calculation for customers who start after the event date. The final three are for the population at risk and stops for customers who experience the event date. These three groups can be treated as three different groups for comparison purposes, which is useful for questions such as: Did experiencing the billing error affect survival Or, the last two groups can be combined into one group, for questions such as: What impact did the price increase have on survival
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7 Building Style Sheet Web Pages
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Thus, the two cases perform about the same. The three-sided pyramid shows the largest antenna area in the most favorable direction (normal to the surface) but in the worst directions, the results differ very little. In fact, as pointed out by Knittel [1965], the four-sided pyramid requires fewer elements than the three-sided pyramid for equal minimum gain. This is not apparent from Equations (3.10) (3.11), but closer investigation reveals that the three-sided pyramid performs slightly worse than assumed here because the maximum scan angle is larger by 8 , causing some extra mismatch loss not accounted for in our formulas. This makes the three-sided and four-sided pyramids more equal in performance. Additionally, the three-sided pyramid requires slightly denser element spacings, thus
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All three images are over-sized at 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. The larger size provides more flexibility and allows the same technique (and images) to be applied to a range of images with varying shapes and sizes. Although the dimensions of the files are quite large, the focus on just the shadow aspect reduces the file weight considerably. All three files are just over 11 KB. This figure becomes quite significant if the same shadow technique is applied to a gallery of images. The files are only downloaded once and rendered multiple times. The drop shadow applied in this example is quite subtle, as shown in Figure 7-11. You can, of course, make the effect more pronounced by changing the graphic files.
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4-momentum conservation is assumed implicitly, corresponding to the factor ( 2 ~ ) ~ 6 ( ~ ) ( p s p l p -ep z ) , but it usually is not displayed explicitly. -+
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In the Structure area, choose the bevel or emboss style from the Style pop-up menu: Outer Bevel (the bevel extends outside the frame), Inner Bevel (the bevel extends inside the frame), Emboss, and Pillow Emboss (a shallower embossing). In the Technique pop-up menu, choose the type of shadow effects: Smooth, Chisel Hard, and Chisel Soft. Choose the apparent height of the effect by entering a value in the Depth field or using the Depth slider. Similarly, choose the shadow s thickness by entering a value in the Size field. Choose the direction of the effect by selecting either Up (raised) or Down (etched out) in the Direction pop-up menu. Adjust the shadow s intensity by entering a value in the Soften field. In the Shading area, choose the light source s direction by entering a value in the Angle field, clicking a point in the circle, or checking the Use Global Light option. Similarly, adjust the light source s height in the Altitude field. Adjust the blending mode applied to areas of the bevel or emboss that the light hits by using the Highlight Mode pop-up menu, and the blending mode applied to the shadowed areas using the Shadow Mode pop-up menu. In both cases, there is also a combination field and pop-up menu labeled Opacity where you can adjust the effect s transparency.
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PS traffic (data Erlangs) RF for Nd = 0 RF for Nd = 3 PS Blocking for Nd = 2 RF for Nd = 2 PS Blocking for Nd = 0 PS Blocking for Nd = 3 RF for Nd = 1 PS Blocking for Nd = 1
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Figure 3.15. Admission control in GERAN
without special training. It would appear difficult to prevent testimony by a layman-say a tow-truck operator or an auto mechanic-as to what he saw immediately after the accident. In summary, we believe that (1)the data from a crash recorder would be admissible, if it meets necessary qualifications, in a court of law; (2) the data should be admitted if it is good evidence; (3) it will be difficult to prevent admitting crash recorder data, even by Federal law, if the record can be easily read by an untrained person One prominent concern is the potential violation of privacy rights posed by the use of EDRs. This concern extends not only to the types of data EDRs presently record, but to the types of data EDRs might be able to record, and store, in the future. While it would be difficult to shield EDR data from civil discovery, legislation could be enacted to control the use to which such evidence could be put. Although no federal statutory scheme directly touches upon EDR use in automobiles, there is a somewhat analogous federal statute that refers to cockpit recordings and transcript^"^^ and surface vehicle recordings and transcripts 5* in the context of use, admissibility,and This statute prevents the NTSB from publicly disclosing cockpit and surface vehicle voicehide0 recordings, while leaving disclosure of the transcriptshritten depiction of those recordings at the discretion of the NTSB.54 the NTSB If allows public disclosure, parties in a judicial proceeding are free to admit the information into evidence.55 However, if the NTSB denies public disclosure, a party in a judicial proceeding may not use discovery to obtain the information, absent a court order.56 Even so, statutory confidentiality safeguards exist to prevent public dissemination of the data if a court admits otherwise undisclosed data.57 As differentiated from voicehide0 recordings and transcripts thereof, pure event data, collected from a recording device is generOf ally admi~sible.~ course, the policy considerations of prejudice and misinterpretation that may apply to graphic cockpit voice recordings from an airplane crash do not apply to basic factual EDR data. Such data would doubtless be admitted at either civil or a criminal trial unless expressly shielded by legislation. In applying the issue of EDR data admissibility to recent case law, two cases illustrate the ways in which
Part I
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other files.
Part I
2: Understanding Chart Types
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Figure 24-14: Simple Play, Stop, and Rewind controls were added to this page in just a few minutes using the Control Shockwave or Flash behavior.
A thermodynamic overview of inorganic soil reactions
So far, this chapter has focused on templates that were created by others. The remainder of the chapter deals with custom templates templates that you create. Why create custom templates The main reason is to make your job easier. For example, you may always like to use a particular header or footer on your printouts. Consequently, the first time that you print a worksheet, you need to spend time entering the header and footer information. Although it isn t a lot of work, wouldn t it be easier if Excel simply remembered your favorite page settings and used them automatically The solution is to modify the template that Excel uses to create new workbooks. In this case, you modify the template file by inserting your header into the template. Save the template file using a special name, and then every new workbook that you create has your customized page settings. Excel supports three types of templates, which I discuss in the following sections: n The default workbook template: Used as the basis for new workbooks. n The default worksheet template: Used as the basis for new worksheets inserted into a workbook. n Custom workbook templates: Usually, these ready-to-run workbooks include formulas, but they can be as simple or as complex as you like. Typically, these templates are set up so that a user can simply plug in values and get immediate results. The Microsoft Office Online templates (discussed earlier in this chapter) are examples of this type of template.
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