The width and height attributes work the same way for cells as they do for tables, with one important difference. When you set a percentage value for a cell, that s the percentage of the table, not the screen. Say, for example, that you have a table that s set to be 50 percent of the screen width, and you set a cell to take up 50 percent of the table width that cell is only 25 percent of the overall screen width. The following HTML code shows how to set the table from the preceding example so that its rst column takes up one-third of the table, while its second row is xed at 100 pixels in height.
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Part VII Using Flash with Other Programs
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The occurrence of these solutions in Pdimensional Euclidian space suggests that they represent a tunneling effect in the physical (3 1)-dimensional Minkowski space. It is well known in ordinary semiclassical mechanics that tunneling through barriers is associated with complex classical t r a j e c t o r i e s with evolution in imaginary time of the classical trajectory during the barrier penetration. We may anticipate this by noting that the Euclidian form of Newton s second law is given by
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The addColumnAt() method requires you pass it an index and a reference to the DataGridColumn object. Instead of merely appending the column, the addColumnAt() method inserts the column at the specified index, shifting any other columns over by one. The first column index is 0.
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Flash has two additional attributes that can be entered through the Parameters dialog box (click the Parameters button on the Property inspector): salign and swliveconnect. The salign attribute determines how the movie aligns itself to the surrounding frame when the Scale attribute is set to Show All. In addition, salign determines which portion of the image is cut off when the Scale attribute is set to No Border. The alignment can be set to L (left), R (right), T (top), or B (bottom). You can also use these values in combination. For example, if you set salign to RB, the movie aligns with the bottom-right edge or the lower-right corner of the frame. The swliveconnect attribute comes into play when you re using FSCommands or JavaScript in your Flash movies. FSCommands are interactive commands, such as Go to URL, issued from inside the Flash movie. The Netscape browser initializes Java when first called and if your Flash movie uses FSCommands
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Merging and splitting cells
Part II
Creating a 3-D PivotChart
To make the best use of this book, you need the following software installed on your computer:
Formatting text variables
If you omit the third parameter, it s the equivalent of specifying a value of true. However, if you specify false, the bitmap will not tile. Instead, the edge pixels will extend to the edges of the shape. You can see an example of that by using the following line of code in place of the previous beginBitmapFill() line. Figure 15-10 shows the effect.
Netscape 3.x
Illustrator Basics
The Art brush creates artistic-looking paths.
The last step of the code is to make a call to init, which starts the entire process.
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