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In most cases, the use of attributes instead of elements is arbitrary. For example, the preceding example could have been coded with sex as a child element instead of as an attribute, as in the following:
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Exporting your Address Book
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5. In the scrolling field list on the left side of the dialog, click the name of the field by which you want to sort. 6. Select the radio button corresponding to the sort order you want to use for the field: Select the Ascending order radio button to start with the smallest numeric value and end with the largest, to sort words alphabetically (from A Z), or to arrange times and dates chronologically. Select the Descending order radio button to start with the largest numeric value and end with the smallest, to sort words in reverse alphabetical order (from Z A), or to arrange times and dates from the most recent to the oldest. Select the Custom order based on value list radio button to use a value list you ve defined, and then choose the value list from the pop-up menu/ drop-down list. 7. Click Move to transfer the field to the Sort Order list. or Double-click the field name to select it in the field list and simultaneously move it to the Sort Order list. 8. Click Sort to sort the database in the specified order by the selected field. When the sort is finished, the status area changes to show that the database has been sorted, as shown in Figure 10-4.
Saving files as Adobe PDF
Figure 11.18. Downlink and uplink hopping layer performances with uplink diversity methods when terminals use a joint detection algorithm for interference cancellation
Thus the quarks acquire a large mass outside the hadron and are effectively confined by the requirement (13.74). Since confinement has been imposed through the u-field, we assume that in the hadron the explicit gauge fields provide only perturbative effects. We may neglect their influence in lowest order, which is analogous to omitting gluon exchange in the MIT bag model. The phenomenological u-field represents the confining effect generated by nonlinear interactions of the color fields. The
The ModifyChart1 procedure uses the Deselect method to deactivate a chart. This action is similar to pressing Esc when an embedded chart is activated. One key difference, however, is that the previously selected worksheet cell or range is not selected.
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