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The Value Web Framework
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Part I: Welcome to InDesign
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The functions are divided into 15 categories: aggregate, date, design, external, financial, get, logical, numeric, repeating, summary, text, text formatting, time, timestamp, and trigonometric. This appendix provides a detailed explanation for each of FileMaker Pro s built-in functions. The functions are listed alphabetically within the category to which they belong. In addition to an explanation of each function s purpose and an example of how the function is used (except for those that return Japanese text), the sections include a statement showing how to phrase the function and its arguments. (The order for arranging the function and its arguments is the syntax of the function.) Special notes and cautions, as well as references to related functions, are included in the explanations of some of the functions. To use a function in a Calculation field definition, double-click its name in the function list in the upper-right section of the Specify Calculation dialog box. Then replace the function s arguments with the appropriate field names or expressions.
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Designing and Crafting Core Pages
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You can use a Calligraphic brush in many ways. You can choose an existing brush and get started. If you load additional brush libraries, you ll find quite a variety of brushes to choose from. You can also create your own brush from an existing one or from scratch. To create a new brush, use an existing style that you like but that you want to alter. To create a brush like this, choose the brush that you want to duplicate and then choose Duplicate Brush from the Brush panel s popup menu. To edit that duplicated brush, double-click the duplicate brush or choose Brush Options from the popup menu. In the Brush Options dialog box, change the brush to your specifications.
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14.6 See Matsui and Satz (1986). The dominant mechanism would likely be hard parton-parton interactions making cE pairs. In a confining regime the interaction between c and i could then sometimes produce a J/+. In a deconfining regime, if the temperature is sufficiently high that the screening radius is less than the binding radius of a J/q!J (see 514.3 and Fig. 12.20), the c and E are more likely to separate until cooling of the plasma allows formation of open-charm mesons (cii,uE,...); thus J / @ production is suppressed. See Matsui and Satz (1986) and Gyulassy (1988) for a discussion of whether this effect might be obscured by other factors.
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Creating a layered part with cycle recording
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22: Working with Data Entry Forms
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