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An Introductory Example
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Form actions and form data handlers are covered in the section Form Scripts and Script Services later in this chapter.
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<fx:Declarations> <s:TraceTarget/> </fx:Declarations> n
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6.22 To create a cutaway clip, drag a selection over the part of the existing clip where you want to start the cutaway.
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In the Images pane, you choose how your images are converted to the Web s GIF and JPEG formats, selecting options such as image quality and color palette: n Copy Images: Use this pop-up menu to determine how the InDesign document s images are converted when copied to the folder you are saving your XHTML pages to. Your options are Original, which leaves them untouched (meaning that they won t be converted into Web-compatible formats); Optimized, which converts them to the Web format specified in the Image Conversion pop-up menu; and Link to Server Path, which does not copy the file but instead inserts an image link <IMG SRC>) to the current location. n Formatted: Select this check box to export the images to reflect any modifications made to them in InDesign, such as cropping, transparency, or scaling. Otherwise, the raw source files are exported (under the assumption that you will manipulate them further in a Web editor or image editor). n Image Conversion: Use this pop-up menu to specify which format images are converted to GIF, JPEG, or Automatic (which selects the best format on a case-by-case basis). n GIF Options: Use the Palette pop-up menu to choose the color palette for the image: Adaptive (No Dither), Web, System (Win), or System (Mac). For Web display, the first two are best; use the other two for pages meant to be displayed on a specific platform, such as pages available only on an internal company Web site. Select the Interlace check box to speed up the initial screen display of the images while the page is loading, but note that this can slow down overall page loading, so you should use it only with very large images. n JPEG Options: Use the Image Quality pop-up menu to select the image quality and thus the amount of compression (greater compression means lower quality): Low, Medium, High, or Maximum. Use the Format Method pop-up menu to control how the image displays as it loads on the Web page: Baseline (all at one time) or Progressive. Note that choosing Progressive can slow down overall page loading, so you should use it only with very large images.
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In this chapter, you ve seen three approaches to filtering feeds and sifting through them for information. With regular expressions, you can design handmade criteria through which to pass feed entries. On the other hand, with a trained Bayesian classifier in use, you can train a machine to come up with criteria on its own. And, finally, you can turn feeds inside out instead of seeing feed entries linking to hot topics, you can see the hot topics themselves gathering discussion from your feeds.
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The next part of this function is to pull in the image data and assign it to local variables:
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Easy form entry
From this point, start typing to enter text, or bring text in from other programs (as covered in the following sections). If you want to add placeholder text random text that you might use to try out formatting on, for example choose Type Fill with Placeholder Text. InDesign adds fake Latin text to the text frame until it is filled. When you type new text, it takes on whatever style attributes are set for [Basic Paragraph Style], a predefined style in InDesign. You can modify this predefined style as you can any style you create.
The location object
Charged particles (alphas, betas, and positrons) interact with the electrons surrounding the atom s nucleus by transferring some of their kinetic energy to the electrons. The energy transferred from a low-energy particle is often only suf cient to bump an electron from an inner to an outer shell of the atom. This process is called excitation. Following excitation, the displaced electron promptly returns to the lower-energy shell, releasing its recently acquired energy as an x-ray in a process called de-excitation (Fig. 2-8). Because the acquired energy is equal to the difference in binding energies of the electron shells and the binding energies of the electron shells are determined by the atomic structure of the element, the x-ray is referred to as a characteristic x-ray.
5.4.2 Trial Area De nition
Configuration control UDP MySQL
CFML objects
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