As each form is submitted, it s e-mailed directly to the e-mail address you specify in the Flash movie. 1. Open a new Flash movie document (Ctrl+N or Command+N). 2. Rename layer 1 to labels. Create keyframes (F6) on frames 5, 15, 25, and 35. Give these keyframes the labels input, wait, output, and error, respectively. (Do not give frame 1 a label.) Select frame 45 and press F5 to insert more empty frames at the end of the layer. 3. Create a new layer, and name it actions. On frame 5 of the actions layer, insert a keyframe (F6) and double-click it. In the Actions Panel, add a stop( ) action. In the Frame Panel, add a comment of //stop in the Label field. 4. Create a new layer, and name it text fields. Insert keyframes on frames 5, 15, 25, and 35. 5. On frame 5 of the text fields layer, insert three separate Input Text fields. From top to bottom, assign the following variable names to the Input Text fields (in the Text Options Panel): name, from, and comments. The name and e-mail text fields should accommodate one line of text, while the comment field should be set to Multiline and Word wrap in order to hold multiple lines of text. All of the Input Text fields should have the Border/Bg option selected, unless you plan to create your own background graphics. Make each text field long enough to accommodate about 45 characters of text. The comments field should be able to show between five and ten lines of text. (See Figure 24-1.)
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Mobile Commerce Will Force Business Models
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FileMaker Pro 8 requires that all tables involved in a relationship be specified in the Define Database dialog s Tables pane and that the relationship be specified in the Define Database dialog s Relationships pane. This material will be covered in much greater detail, with explanations, in 18. For the time being, if you re following along, don t worry about why we re doing what we re doing.
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Below the status area (at the bottom of the database window) are three tools that enable you to change your view of the database: the magnification level, zoom out, and zoom in controls. For example, you can decrease the magnification (or zoom out) to get a bird s-eye view of a layout or report (as shown in Figure 8-6). You can also increase the magnification (or zoom in) to concentrate on a particular section of a record. Although these tools are more useful in Layout or Preview mode, you can also use them in Browse mode.
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Figure 6-9: Use the Refresh object to redirect visitors from an outdated page.
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Part V
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which relates to the following double reciprocal: K m SA 1 = Vmax f + 1 Vmax 1+ K i SA K m SB K i SA K i SB K m SC + K m SA [SB ][SC ] K m SA [SB ] K m SB K m SC K i SB K m SC + + [SB ][SC ] [SB ] [SC ] 1 [SA ] (8.75)
Introducing Dreamweaver CS3
<ul> <li>All subjects were right-handed</li> <li>Half the subjects were women</li> <li>Subjects ranged in age from 20 to 42 years</li> </ul> Tip If you are working in Code view, you can click the List Item button in the Text category of the Insert bar to insert a <li>...</li> pair. Insert the tags <ul>...</ul> by clicking the Unordered List button on the Insert bar.
Values: [ [<time> | <percentage>]{1,2} ] | inherit Initial value: Depends on user agent Applies to: All Inherited: No Percentages: See descriptions of pause-before and pause-after Media groups: aural
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Replacing Styles with Images Automatically
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